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Friday, May 16, 2014

The Weekend..

Minettes excited.
The Baby is coming to visit. A whole day early !!
She sits and waits the arrival , out in the garden room, on Her pillow, at the sliding doors .. where she can keep a close watch on the comings and goings of the Chipmunk family as well as any birds intruding into her airspace.

You know when she has sighted something ... she freezes.
You could pick her up and she would be like a stiff little kitten statue.
Although the tip of her tail does twitch a bit.
I will never ever tell her that she will never catch a chipmunk. Let her have her dreams.

She had a bad night last night, or should I say morning.
She called me at 5 am.
She was not well.
This poor little thing has been taking one kind of antibiotic after another and nothing is making any difference in her tummy issues.
She just got more meds and something extra and she still is showing no improvement.

But she did get a manicure yesterday.
They told me she behaved perfectly.
I thought them very kind but great big liars !!
Unless they had her in a kitten straight jacket, they were all wearing long sleeves today to cover up the strips she cut into their arms.
My hands and arms look like I was attacked by some sort of creature that makes small red holes all over you .... am I a voodoo doll ?
No, I just thought I could cut Minettes nails myself.
Silly me. I was attacked by a creature that makes small red holes all over me.
I learned my lesson. There are people out there that you can pay to do things like that !

It is a warmish gloomy day and I miss someone.
He would be getting out there and revving up the motor on the lawnmower.
He loved driving that thing all over the yard.
My City Boy ... on a Riding Lawnmower .. I wouldn't let him live that down ..
I miss him.


  1. Your grandbaby will certainly bring joy and laughter into both your days. Sorry to read she is still having tummy problems. Our little Gabbana will sit for hours looking out the french doors at our country home - and her little yorkie body shakes with excitement when chipmunks, squirrels or birds linger about the yard... she is definitely entertaining. Stay strong my friend ... know that he is with you everyday and so proud of you for carrying on. Hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

  2. Hello Candice:

    Such a lovely picture of the ever watchful Minette although, as you have found, the cutting of her claws really does need to be left to a professional.

    We are so sorry to learn that despite medication she is not yet right. We do so hope that the cause of the problem can quickly be found and corrected.


  3. In my worst Aussie accent:

    A Dingo Ate My Baby

    So I'm at my desk, and a shadow of lighting catches my attention, and I look out the window.

    There on a low branch is a little hawk, a young hawk. I'm entranced. And then a robin smashes into it. And then another, and another. Robins diving kamikaze style, their voice/chirps are deafening. And then I see it. The little hawk is eating a baby bird. It is revolting, and yet I can't look away. The flock of robin's continue the fight. The little hawk remains unfazed, continuing to brunch on the branch. The robins tire as the fight is lost.

    Good Morning



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