It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winter thoughts

It is Winter.
I have not been warm since ... oh ... February.
It is bleak and dreary and even when the sky is blue, it is cold and windy.
No matter what I wear or how many blankets I put on the bed or how many pairs of fleece clothing and socks I wear, I am still cold.

And we are going to move to the NorthEast USA when we sell this apartment.
Upstate New York or possibly Connecticut.
Are we crazy or what ??

The difference :
A house in the US has "central heat" .. with a thermostat. Fireplaces and insulation. Windows that usually fit tight.
You drive in a car to the market if it is cold, raining, miserable. Cars have heat.

We walk everywhere here. If we take a taxi, we still have to stand out on the street and flag one down.
Sometimes they have heat, sometimes not.
Worse... in the summer when they don't have A/C.
Oh the traffic jams we have sat through in a taxi with no air conditioning on a hot summer afternoon.
(actually, I am remembering them fondly right now)

Walking fast for miles is easier when it is cold.
Today we walked but no one felt that energised .
A bench in the sunshine called to us, but after a while, the cold from the stone bench started to work its way to my brain and we walked a bit more.
Coming home meant warm blankets to wrap myself in, hot tea, scones ... I am eating too many scones these days... and being cozy.
The thing I will remember most about this winter is the Coziness.

We stay snug. We have blankets and chenille throws all over the house. Wherever you go, you can throw a blanket across your lap, roll yourself in it and watch television.
I haven't tried cooking while wrapped in a blanket, the stove and oven manage to keep me comfy.

This morning I sorta wished I could get in the shower with my warm pyjamas on though .. did I tell you about our bathroom ?
The ceilings are the same as the rest of the apartment, 15 feet high.
The floors are marble, the tiles are porcelain, one wall is all mirror and the other is a huge bathtub .
Except for the towels and little rug, it is a cold and shiny place.
Perfect in the summer.
Not so warm in the winter.
The towel warmers can only do so much.
I have considered draping myself over the towel warmer but so far have managed to just dry off and get dressed in record time.
I would win a race if they ever have one ...
Although I don't know who would agree to be in a race of getting out of the shower wet and naked and getting dry and dressed before judges. Not my best idea, is it ?

Pup used to be the best Warmer.
At night when watching television or reading, somehow without anyone noticing ... he just ended up next to me.
On the bed , wherever I was .. we would both end up snuggled warm and cozy with his blanket and I usually had a hard time staying awake. I miss that.
If we sell the apartment soon, we will be going back to the US as Autumn and Winter begin.
This will mean that we will live through a year long winter.
I have to think about this some more.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Tree

No, it isn't actually MY tree but I like to think of it as my tree.
It really belongs to the building.
The original owners  planted a little tree in the courtyard, it grew over the past 100 or so years and now it reaches past the 4th floor .. past my bedroom and vestidor window, blocking out the view of the building behind us, the buildings over to the left .. which I can't see unless I lean out the window but they are there.

That tree has given us shade, privacy and a bit of a green view  for 5 years now.
 It has been home to countless little bitty birds, doves, big pigeons and probably a hawk or two. . we see those in the park a couple of blocks from our house, they probably came here and hung out in the nice quiet shade of our huge tree in the back.

The huge tree that is almost completely cut down now.
Today,  two men  climbed up the Tree and started cutting off the branches.
They graduated to great big branches and now it stands like a large celery stalk, with just branches at the very top .. waiting for the last of the chopping to happen.
It will be gone completely by tomorrow.

The birds will look for new homes, new shelter. . they came in this evening, heading towards their Tree, their home, their nests maybe. And everything was  gone.
The little ones went to smaller bushes and trees and fussed. Very vocal, those little ones.
The doves just flew around, being distressed.
Which was very distressing to see.
Now it is quiet, they found a new spot, somewhere,  to sleep.
There will be no new shade or new view for us .. well new view, yes.
I can clearly see the windows in the building across from my bedroom and dressing room.

The kitchen is getting all this Light . I can see the backs of buildings a block away.

I was perfectly content with less light, less views and more shade and more privacy and more Green.
We all know what the birds would have to say.

So now, while we wait to sell an apartment that is suddenly without a pretty view from the back , I will avoid looking out the windows.
I know I will see a lot of sad birds, wondering where their nests went.

I hate change.

I love change.
But I want to be the one to make it.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

This is Glamorous !

Thanks to my friend Mimi, again ! I now have yet another fantastic blog to enjoy.
I can only hope to acquire just a little glamour if I read it every day.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Winters Last Gasp .... I hope

It is cold out.
Really cold.
I look out the window and it is sunny with big fat clouds skidding by and I think, let's go out and take a walk. Hang out at the Feria, buy something fun and very Argentine.
So eventually after many cups of coffee and scones to keep us going, we walked outside.
We made it as far as the corner.
Where the wind blows the most.
We walked back towards the building, discussing the pros and cons of Being Out or Staying In.
So we are inside now, warm and snug with some very nice music on.
Classical music played loud.
I used to worry about that, even though it is daytime and the walls are thick, were we disturbing the neighbours ?
The woman above us clomps around in high heels / riding boots ? late late at night and she doesn't seem to worry about bothering her neighbours, so I figured loud pretty music in the middle of the day can't be too bad.
The lady next door saw us one day and said something about the Musica.
I worried for a moment then realised what she said .. she told us how much she loves the music we play.
I picture her, waltzing around her apartment, humming the tune to what we are playing.
Today is Mozart, bet she likes it !

The town is quiet, everyone is hibernating or out at the country house.
I like weekends when the town is quiet but summer is not far away and that will be good too.
Everyone goes away then too, sometimes for months so we will have stores, parks and restaurants to ourselves again.
If we are still here.

For now, we snuggle in and enjoy music and tasty food and enjoy the fact that we don't have to go out and we don't have to do anything unless we want to.
This won't last forever so we will appreciate it now. . while Winter winds down ... I hope.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wherever you go, there you are ....

We spend our days walking.
We spend our walks talking.
We start slowly with many cups of coffee, perhaps a scone , then bundle up against the winter wind and off we go.
Some days, lately, have been bright and sunny and not quite so cold.
Those are the days that lift spirits that are a wee bit low from what seems like an endless winter.

Plans and anticipation for other places and other people cause anxiety and restlessness, best fought off by long walks and stops for hot tea and perhaps something sweet.
Evenings are spent with movies, catching up on last years Masterpiece Theatre, last years BBC specials and a few bloodthirsty television shows from Fox.
We snuggle in with pillows and soft blankets and watch television in a dark room.
We could be anywhere, New York, Florida, Oregon, but we are in Buenos Aires... Argentina.

Today gave a small hint of Spring .. there were more flowers in the trees and bushes.
I thought I found a cherry tree, covered in pink flowers, beautiful.. full of promise of warm sunny days .
The big, fat, white clouds skid across these impossibly blue skies  , it is chilly but you can sit at a cafe outside and turn your face to the sun and close your eyes and know it won't be long.
Summer will be here before you know it.

The birds are busy.
Doves are building nests outside the neighbours windows.
Parrots come down the boulevard, squawking and carrying on , now they like the tree outside our living room window.
I have lived here for over 5 years now, I still get excited when I see bright green parrots in the Plane trees outside the living room window.

The trees used to cheer me, they look so Paris-like.
Plane trees, planted here by plan by a Frenchman who lived here, worked here, planned parks and avenues and is buried here, in one of his parks.
Now the Argentine parrots live in the trees .. while ex-pats look out the windows and admire them.

I comfort myself with the chore of storing away all the memories as best I can, in photographs and writing it all down.
Some day, I will be so glad that I did.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just a Taste

After what seems like months of cold rainy days, we are having a taste of Spring today.
The temperatures are forecast to be in the mid- 70s and the sun is shining brightly.
I woke to the sounds of tiny birds working hard on making a nest in a tiny hole in the wall outside the bedroom window .. in here I can see and hear the little birds singing.
I expect next thing will be  Mama Paloma looking for a good spot to nest, which, in the past,  has been one of the balconies and the window box in the kitchen .. generally this means one of my more tender and weak flower plants will be sacrificed to the better good of some baby doves.

I will be out for the day.
Whether it is far or near, the camera will be with me, the Husband of course will be with me.
We will explore some more, in this town that I think on some days I have memorised..then I will be happily surprised to find a new area that I have missed.

This is one of the good things about living in a huge city with a gazillion people.
There is always something , somewhere to discover.

This is from our walk yesterday ..
More, later~

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

Janelle McCulloch Library of Design

Thanks to my friend Mimi, I am able to indulge in yet another gorgeous blog with Homes and Gardens and Pretty Things.
Just the sort of blog I love.
Thank you , Mimi and please, do go see why you should Take A Look at this Blog, Ms McCulloch has done an amazing job ! !

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday in the Park with .... Us !

First of all, I want to know why is it so difficult to stop people ( idiots) from spraying graffiti on monuments ?
Second ... I cannot figure out what is on the minds of these people ( idiots) that they have this need to spray paint on statues everywhere .. aren't the walls of all the buildings in the city enough for them ?

Got that off my chest, thank you !
Today was a perfect Sunday ... so far.
We were slow in getting started, one of us who is naturally inclined to moving slowly and being lazy on Sunday had to have copious amounts of coffee before she could find her way to the shower and then there was the lengthy process of trying on Everything in the closet before settling on the first thing chosen to begin with !
It was 62ºF and that meant it was warm in the sun, cool in the shade.
Which made it impossible for some of us with brains that seem to be a little too slow lately, to figure out what would be comfortable for a long afternoon outdoors.

Luckily, one of us , okay, it was me, I was a pain in the neck today !! decided that if I got too warm we could walk in the shade and if I got cold , well, you get it.

I took photos everywhere we went.
I stopped to pet a new poodle puppy.
Big mistake.
It might have been smaller than Pup's nose and it was white, but the minute I touched it, I remembered how soft he was, how good that curly hair feels.
It took a little walk , thinking furiously of everything but Pup and dogs and missing and sadness and parks on Sundays, to get myself back in the mood ... But I did it !

The cafes were full, there was a long long line at the Museum of Decorative Artes where they are showing some ancient religious tapestries and the parks were busy with families.
Ahhhh, the sun and warm air brings the city to life.

I am ready to put away the winter coats and start shopping for more summer things.
Thanks to my friend Mimi, I have plenty of online shopping websites..

Strange ... I only seem to want the handbags so far .. hmmmm.

Now to think of what to do on a Sunday evening ..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Photo

                              See the parrot ? Outside my living room window !

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Kindness is the act or the state of being kind. 
Being marked by good and charitable behaviour, a pleasant disposition and concern for others. 
Kindness is known as a virtue, and it is recognised as valuable in many cultures and religions.

When someone holds a door for you, when someone sees you have your hands full and they offer to help, these are those little kindnesses that happen some days and you thank them and go on about your day and probably don't think about it again.
When someone does something a bit more out of the ordinary, you might notice and remember it for longer.

A long time ago, in a land far away, my child was injured in a highway crash.
From the very beginning , from the first person who helped her to the last person to see her on her way home, she and we were treated with unbelievable kindness.
Every day , here where I live, in a city that is jammed with people and cars and dogs and noise and theft and did I mention dogs ? there are still days when I am amazed at how kind everyone is.
Not just the occasional kind act but the kindness I witness, the kindness I see every day.

We all appreciate it when someone is kind to us or someone we love.
But we all should appreciate it when someone is kind to everyone. 
When someone can be described as A Kind Person. 

I   recently read something that brought this all to mind.
I read something by someone who was terribly unkind. 
And open about it, almost bragging about it . 
The reason is really unknown, you read things and you figure them out from your own point of view.
You can agree but still acknowledge that things could have been said differently or not at all.
Or you can be appalled at the feeling of righteousness that a person will have when so sure of their right to be unkind.

This all makes me very philosophical ! 
It makes me remember that as much as I am aware of being kind and appreciating it in others, I / we can all use a reminder now and then.

Be Kind.

You have no idea what it might mean to the other person.
You have no idea what other people are going through and you should just stop a second and think .. before you speak, before you act .

I know these days the politics of the world can make people turn on each other and say harsh things.
But it doesn't have to. You can be better than that, you can be bigger than that.

Let's all be Nice. Maybe it will catch on and become something that people will think is cool. Not sarcasm, not quippy and cutting, but just plain nice.
Your children will learn it from you. Isn't that reason enough ?

Be Kind. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


There are times that I cannot wait to get the apartment sold, the airplane tickets booked and get on with our next adventure.
Then I think about the day I have had and I think how I won't be having days like this anywhere else.
Not that I won't have good or great days, not that they won't be special in their ways, but the things that charm me about living in Buenos Aires, almost always have to do with the people .

We had a long lazy morning ( well, I did, someone else is up and dressed and ready to go quite early... I am a bit slower ) .
We had a list of thing to do, places to go .. we were organised and off we went.

We walked to the Bakery.
We bought fresh baked ( this morning ) bread.
I noticed that the girl that always waits on us, has a little bit of a belly.
I said something, she said yes, she is pregnant.. we hugged.
( when was the last time the  lady at your bakery hugged you ?)

We walked to the fish market, we walked to the mercado, we bought our veggies , we almost stopped to buy flowers but they were looking at bit sad.
So we will be flowerless for a few days.

Along the way we saw people we knew, they waved.
There have been times that we have seen people we knew and they stop, hug us, kiss us and talk to us. The Flower man is not on the corner in winter, if he were, we would both get a bristly kiss and have to tell him how we are and how is he and then on our way we go.

If we run into a neighbour, it is repeated, Stop, Kiss, How are you ? chat chat, on we go.
Running simple errands can take a long time, but you come home, well kissed and a bit cheerful at how it seems that everyone is happy to see you.

These things just don't happen in the area we are from.
You can't stop the car and jump out and kiss a neighbour when they pass you ... that has a lot to do with it.

And I think, from what I remember, people in some other lands don't kiss upon greeting, kiss upon saying good by and now that I think about it, that is sad.

Imagine how different things would be if they kissed you wherever you went in your town.
Imagine the man that you buy flowers from, kissing you, kissing your spouse and on the way out the door, giving you a little free flower with another kiss.
Just because .

If you run into a neighbour on the street, settle in for a nice long chat, kiss hello, chat chat, kiss goodbye. A simple walk down the street can take quite a long time, but it has the possibilities of all kinds of nice things happening.

There are so many things that I am going to miss when we leave here.
Maybe I should start kissing everyone when we move back to the US .. maybe it will catch on !

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

 David Terry Fine Art

This is my new most favorite Art blog !
He is brilliant.
There is so much to look at and enjoy and I have to thank Sharon Santoni, of My French Country Home  for asking about wooden floors , that is where David chimed in with his opinion .. which I totally enjoyed reading and that is how I "discovered" him and his blog.
Which just goes to show, you never know .. one thing leads to another .. you are reading about wooden floors and paint and then you find art that is lovely and so on and ......,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Impatiently Waiting

The US welcomes you back with open  slightly judgemental arms ..

My favorite quote of the day , no ... of the month !
We are waiting for our buyer to show up.
The realtor emails me and says, Today at 3, I come with a buyer. If Only !!
They come, they look, they smile and chatter away with the realtor, discussing this and that then they leave.
Never to be heard from again.

We have sold 2 homes before this .. they sold fast and easily.
Of course, the President of the US didn't decide to change the laws and rules and way of doing things forever, just to suit his/her mood .. or the mood of her friends who are Presidents of other countries.

So we sit and we wait.
The mover sits and waits.
The House in the Country in the US,  with a fireplace and lots of property, that I have not seen yet, sits and waits.

I shop, I go to the doctors and have various things cut off of me, stitches put in , stitches taken out, new things for doctors to look at.
There is Shopping to do .. I am sick of winter clothes.
I bought a pair of beige ballet flats. If we move back to the US in the next couple of months, those shoes will have to wait another year before they see Summer or get to be worn.
What a depressing thought !

I wanted to have some kind of summer back in the US.
But now it looks like we will just have    2 winters in a row... and that is if we are lucky !

Be prepared for lots of whining.
It is the price you have to pay.....

We had big storms last night.
The sort that come with thunder so loud, the television could not be heard.
The sort that the lightening lights up the rooms.
The sort that goes on and on and someone falls asleep counting the seconds between lighting and thunder to see just how close it really was.
I was again happy that we have no car, there was a hail storm in the night also.
Lots of new dimples in some cars today.

We took a walk and I took photos
What I would like to be doing is shopping and going out to dinner ... in a warm New York.

I was never famous for being patient.
Just to show you that it was not altogether a wasted day ...
We walked here ....

And I briefly contemplated the possibilities of Me wearing This...
Let's hope someone comes to buy this week... or you might have to live through more whining ..

Saturday, August 11, 2012


                                Sweet Tate      8. 11. 11

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Need a smile ?

 Give yourself a big smile. Beware, it gave me tears at the same time.
 Hearing Music for the First Time

Be Positive

I am  a   positive person.
I am the one who always thinks  of the Good Side of things.
I am  the one who   tells the Negative person to Look at it This Way, look at the Good side.
These days, there are times  that being Positive and Looking at the Good side can be tough.
It seems that the news is full of only  sad, horrible, depressing stories.
You have to look hard to find the Good stuff.

My mother probably had a hard time telling me No.
I know these days, other people have a hard time telling me No.
And I , myself, find it difficult to tell someone No.

So I volunteer to do things, write things, give advice or offer information, because I have a positive outlook and good experiences and want to share them.
But these days I see that this can just be annoying.

So I have decided to stop giving advice, unless specifically asked and to stop volunteering in different venues where I would give advice.
Sometimes it is better for a persons own peace of mind to avoid those who relish negativity and who, although adults, behave in childish and unpleasant ways.
So now I have a new goal ..

Go shopping more and stop giving so much advice !

My husband will be thrilled.
Just think, all that free time to shop.
He won't know the right words  to describe how he feels about this.
I love him and want him to be happy too.
Now we can shop together all the time.
Yes, I am a good wife.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perhaps ...

A cold grey winter day in Buenos Aires should only be spent doing one of a couple of things.
Shopping or staying in  and being cozy with warm drinks and good music.

Not one to be satisfied with making a  choice , I am enjoying my hot tea and good music while I admire my new shoes.
Let us not forget that I can do many things at once, this is a talent I am proud of.
Looking out the windows, I see that the sun gave up and just said, Here, Cloud, you can have it today but I get it tomorrow.
Let's hope Señor Cloud doesn't get all selfish and want to stay around for the whole week !
Although I appreciate Señor Cloud much more than Señor Rain who came around the other night    and didn't stop  .
So let it be cold and grey and raw, I can listen to nice music, keep my new shoes company and plan on when I will get to wear them.

Perhaps the lady that came to see the apartment today, who is coming back again with her husband, will be the ones who will fall in love and move in to this lovely old apartment.
Perhaps my husband and I are getting that little bit closer to packing up our belongings and memories and shoes and moving back to the US.

Perhaps, dinner will be delivered since we all know it is a bad idea to cook when someone might come look at the house.
You don't want it to smell of cooking and what if I miss cleaning up a spot ! ??
No, Take - Out might be the way to go .. only for the sake of the sale of the house, you understand.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another day ....

Another day another mall.
Well, not really a Mall.
Zara has a store here on one of the main boulevards, it is 4 stories I think ..
I can do enough damage in an ordinary one story shop, they drive me to excess with this glass elevator to the next level of shopping !

I have an odd dilemma . . my size is too big,    the size smaller is too tight.
I am now officially unable to find clothes to fit.
Therefore I must only shop for shoes.
That was easy !

It is cold out .
They said it was going to be in the 60's and it might have gotten close but then it got cloudy and windy and felt like a day in March in New York.
When the wind blows and the clouds skitter across the sky, dark clouds, a threat of a sprinkle, then the sun comes out again.

The only solution is to go home and drink tea.
And eat scones.
And make potato salad.
And a pasta chicken salad.
And taste them to be sure they are good.

Then have them for dinner.

Then see if anything fits tomorrow.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

 French Country Cottage 

Just click on the name and go look. If you have been there, you know what I am talking about, if not, you are in for a treat.
I cannot imagine how much time she spends making this amazing blog .. I am in awe.
I am also in French Interior Design heaven !
So go look, tell her I said Hello/ Bonjour ! and Enjoy ~

A'Bientot !

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Case of the Drearies

We are seriously  into the real Winter Drearies here.
Everything is grey.
The sky, the clouds, the people.. well, some of them ..
Some of them are blonde and wear red lipstick to feel like there is still color somewhere in the world.

Spare time is spent online- looking at Real Estate in the countryside .. New York , Connecticut, France.
France ?
Hey ! I can daydream !

Copious amounts of hot tea are sipped, scones don't last long in this house and pasta seems to be the favorite dish ... at least for the cook.
She seems to have lost her inspiration, her will to cook.
It happens .
This is why there is Take Out.

On weekend nights, you can see the delivery scooters and bikes buzzing all around the neighborhood, delivering Pizza, Chinese, Pasta and just about anything else you want.
If they don't deliver, you can pick it up.

Our favorite pizza comes from Dominicos .. delicious and the crust is tender and flaky.
It took us a long time to find pizza we liked here.
Our pasta comes from Quiero mas ?
I have rigatoni con putanesca .. it is so hot and spicy that the first bite sort of stuns you and after that, it is a matter of time before your tongue is numb and you don't notice anymore.
Then the thirst kicks in.
The next day you have a round face, your tongue is sort of numb and floppy and you have to wear elastic waist pants.
But it is worth it.

Chinese food here is delivered in odd little dishes wrapped in plastic wrap and everything spills out .. the soup is ridiculously hot ( but delicious) and again, the MSG count is high enough to put some people in a swollen stupor for days.
Unfortunately, there was a reaction last time that was scary so no more Chinese food for me in BA.

We got a menu today , we can get sushi delivered.
I considered it for a minute.
I think I will wait on that one too.. maybe being there is part of the fun.
So here we are , huddled in the apartment, music is on, we were watching Funny Videos of drunk people.. don't ask.

We read and some of us blog and make tea at the same time.
This is because some of us are more talented than others.

So before this gets too dreary, I will just say that you appreciate the sun and blue skies much more when you have an occasional dreary day.
So next time you have one, enjoy it.
Order Chinese food.
Read a good Murder mystery and fight over the last chocolate bar...

It won't be so dreary, I promise.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Photo

In the Neighborhood ..
This is where we start out when we go on our wanders.
This is the park by our home.
In this park is a Museum, a couple of blocks ( of more park) down there is another Museum and endless places to picnic, sit, lie down , walk your pup, wish your pup was there and   even a wonderful restaurant where you can sit and look at the park while sipping your Bloody Mary  which lately has been extra spicy.
Not a bad neighborhood to live in.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time to Go

It is raining here.
This is August.
When we arrived in Buenos Aires ( to live) , it was April  .... sunny, bright, dry and cool.
I thought this was the place where the weather would not be as cold as New York, not as hot as Florida and not as wet as Oregon.
I was sort of right but .... the Summer lasts for about 6 months ( or so it seems)  and Winter can be as dismal and grey as any London winter, complete with damp.
Bone chilling damp because we live in a great draughty building with high ceilings and big high French windows and doors that are never really air tight and the radiators just never keep up ..

But there is so much charm, when I am really fed up with wearing all my sweaters at one time, I just sit  down and look around the room and remember how I fell in love with this place the day I walked in the door for the first time.

How my dreams of living in France, in an old building with high ceilings and French doors came true .. all but the living in France part.

My neighbours continue to warm my heart each day, with their shows of concern, their friendliness and making sure we actually understand the notice they slipped under our door.
Like the one we got yesterday.

The one telling us that the tree that houses my doves outside my bedroom window, is going to be cut down. Soon.
The tree has roots that are growing under the building next door, causing trouble.
And you know what that means, a tree that causes trouble, has to go.

No more naps in the summer with the windows open and being lulled to sleep by the sounds of doves cooing.
No more shade and calm green outside the windows.
Now there will just be the other building, with windows.
So my windows will always be closed, the curtains closed.
It is time to go.

Our days have a routine that is lovely, it is so pleasant not having to be somewhere, not having to do something that one would rather not do , not having any obligations.

But this is only good for a certain amount of time.
Then life intrudes and that is good.
You don't want to look back on time and say you Drifted that long !

A small bit of drifting is good .. what comes  next will be anything but ... packing, arranging movers, packing, flying, hotels, cars, reunions with loved ones, shopping, real estate .. decisions .

But for now, we are in a lull.
And I am enjoying it while I can... before it is time for us to go.

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