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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Impatiently Waiting

The US welcomes you back with open  slightly judgemental arms ..

My favorite quote of the day , no ... of the month !
We are waiting for our buyer to show up.
The realtor emails me and says, Today at 3, I come with a buyer. If Only !!
They come, they look, they smile and chatter away with the realtor, discussing this and that then they leave.
Never to be heard from again.

We have sold 2 homes before this .. they sold fast and easily.
Of course, the President of the US didn't decide to change the laws and rules and way of doing things forever, just to suit his/her mood .. or the mood of her friends who are Presidents of other countries.

So we sit and we wait.
The mover sits and waits.
The House in the Country in the US,  with a fireplace and lots of property, that I have not seen yet, sits and waits.

I shop, I go to the doctors and have various things cut off of me, stitches put in , stitches taken out, new things for doctors to look at.
There is Shopping to do .. I am sick of winter clothes.
I bought a pair of beige ballet flats. If we move back to the US in the next couple of months, those shoes will have to wait another year before they see Summer or get to be worn.
What a depressing thought !

I wanted to have some kind of summer back in the US.
But now it looks like we will just have    2 winters in a row... and that is if we are lucky !

Be prepared for lots of whining.
It is the price you have to pay.....

We had big storms last night.
The sort that come with thunder so loud, the television could not be heard.
The sort that the lightening lights up the rooms.
The sort that goes on and on and someone falls asleep counting the seconds between lighting and thunder to see just how close it really was.
I was again happy that we have no car, there was a hail storm in the night also.
Lots of new dimples in some cars today.

We took a walk and I took photos
What I would like to be doing is shopping and going out to dinner ... in a warm New York.

I was never famous for being patient.
Just to show you that it was not altogether a wasted day ...
We walked here ....

And I briefly contemplated the possibilities of Me wearing This...
Let's hope someone comes to buy this week... or you might have to live through more whining ..


  1. I think we are ALL contemplating the possibilities of you wearing that now!

    Hope you get a buyer soon! Good luck!

  2. I also have moved from countries, cities and the hardest about taking a chance in life, making changes is the real estate part. However lucky we have been as we sold rather fast (not always for the best financial terms) is the physical aspect and the waiting, negotiating... 2 winters in a row , i would be endlessly wining myself!!!
    Wishing you lots of patience and some luck

  3. Nena, como te va? You mentioned you went to the doctor. Is it getting any better? Can you walk ok now?

  4. Symdaddy, there is a chance that it might happen but very slim to none :)
    Thank you , besitos !

    Francine, This is our 3rd such move and this is the first time we have run into this slight glitch. And it is Argentina so I am trying to think like the Argentines and know that If something can go wrong it will and sooner or later it will happen for us. I have no patience, thank you but we are blessed to be able to be here and enjoy the people and place so I won't whine too much :) Gracias y todo.

    Delma, besitos ! I am much better, no bandages, walking now wherever I want and just remembering not to bang into the back of my ankle .. I see the surgeon tomorrow.
    Gracias :)


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