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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday in the Park with .... Us !

First of all, I want to know why is it so difficult to stop people ( idiots) from spraying graffiti on monuments ?
Second ... I cannot figure out what is on the minds of these people ( idiots) that they have this need to spray paint on statues everywhere .. aren't the walls of all the buildings in the city enough for them ?

Got that off my chest, thank you !
Today was a perfect Sunday ... so far.
We were slow in getting started, one of us who is naturally inclined to moving slowly and being lazy on Sunday had to have copious amounts of coffee before she could find her way to the shower and then there was the lengthy process of trying on Everything in the closet before settling on the first thing chosen to begin with !
It was 62ºF and that meant it was warm in the sun, cool in the shade.
Which made it impossible for some of us with brains that seem to be a little too slow lately, to figure out what would be comfortable for a long afternoon outdoors.

Luckily, one of us , okay, it was me, I was a pain in the neck today !! decided that if I got too warm we could walk in the shade and if I got cold , well, you get it.

I took photos everywhere we went.
I stopped to pet a new poodle puppy.
Big mistake.
It might have been smaller than Pup's nose and it was white, but the minute I touched it, I remembered how soft he was, how good that curly hair feels.
It took a little walk , thinking furiously of everything but Pup and dogs and missing and sadness and parks on Sundays, to get myself back in the mood ... But I did it !

The cafes were full, there was a long long line at the Museum of Decorative Artes where they are showing some ancient religious tapestries and the parks were busy with families.
Ahhhh, the sun and warm air brings the city to life.

I am ready to put away the winter coats and start shopping for more summer things.
Thanks to my friend Mimi, I have plenty of online shopping websites..

Strange ... I only seem to want the handbags so far .. hmmmm.

Now to think of what to do on a Sunday evening ..

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