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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Tree

No, it isn't actually MY tree but I like to think of it as my tree.
It really belongs to the building.
The original owners  planted a little tree in the courtyard, it grew over the past 100 or so years and now it reaches past the 4th floor .. past my bedroom and vestidor window, blocking out the view of the building behind us, the buildings over to the left .. which I can't see unless I lean out the window but they are there.

That tree has given us shade, privacy and a bit of a green view  for 5 years now.
 It has been home to countless little bitty birds, doves, big pigeons and probably a hawk or two. . we see those in the park a couple of blocks from our house, they probably came here and hung out in the nice quiet shade of our huge tree in the back.

The huge tree that is almost completely cut down now.
Today,  two men  climbed up the Tree and started cutting off the branches.
They graduated to great big branches and now it stands like a large celery stalk, with just branches at the very top .. waiting for the last of the chopping to happen.
It will be gone completely by tomorrow.

The birds will look for new homes, new shelter. . they came in this evening, heading towards their Tree, their home, their nests maybe. And everything was  gone.
The little ones went to smaller bushes and trees and fussed. Very vocal, those little ones.
The doves just flew around, being distressed.
Which was very distressing to see.
Now it is quiet, they found a new spot, somewhere,  to sleep.
There will be no new shade or new view for us .. well new view, yes.
I can clearly see the windows in the building across from my bedroom and dressing room.

The kitchen is getting all this Light . I can see the backs of buildings a block away.

I was perfectly content with less light, less views and more shade and more privacy and more Green.
We all know what the birds would have to say.

So now, while we wait to sell an apartment that is suddenly without a pretty view from the back , I will avoid looking out the windows.
I know I will see a lot of sad birds, wondering where their nests went.

I hate change.

I love change.
But I want to be the one to make it.


  1. Hello

    I am sorry to read about the disappearance of your tree. I share your concern for the birds, who made a home here.

    Would you consider putting a large indoor plant inside the window?

    Helen x

  2. Now that's a bummer....such a shame. Was the tree unsafe?

  3. It's like a death to see a tree being chopped down.

  4. we don't have the sort of windows that plants can sit in, inside. And we have shutters that make it impossible outside. But I do have balconies full of flowers. None of this makes up for the loss of a wonderful tree though.

    The tree was unsafe in the sense that its roots were burrowing under a neighbouring building.

    Yes, cigale, it is ..


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