It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ahhhh ~ The Sound of a Million Horns Honking

There has always been traffic and there are always people who mindlessly honk their horns , here in Buenos Aires.
They honk if you pause a second before flying through the intersection, old people , babies and pedestrians be damned.
They honk if it is their birthday and I know they honk if their team scores a goal.
God forbid, there should be a street closure, or as today, a huge street closure with little streets leading to the big closure, being closed also.
And in the middle of all this, buses that go through lights and get stuck halfway there, blocking the one available lane for the other people to use.

Add to all of this... two people who never really pay that much attention regarding traffic, politics and assassination attempts and you have An Adventure.
We were slow ( okay, I was slow) getting ready to leave the house today.
I know I have a whole day to do anything I want, so I see no reason to rush into it.
My husband has a cold, he should move slowly and carefully and let me baby him.
He won't.
So we ... I, took my time getting ready to leave the house and then had to come back in to change clothes because I was too warm, too cold, oh , forget about it !
We did our bakery , grocery, produce market shopping then decided it is too beautiful outside to stay inside ... let's go for a walk, take the camera, maybe sit in a park like that photo I love,  of the two very old people on a park bench in Paris ..
We walked through the back streets over to the Bibiloteca Nacional.
As we were walking up to the steps, we noticed ( you would have to be blind as a bat not to notice ) the several vans with PDF on the sides, all doors open, men inside, men outside, all in riot gear.
For a moment, it seemed as if we had wandered into the Marine Corp training facility.
I have never seen such huge arms... muscular men, with combat boots, shields, huge guns, huge rifles for shooting tear gas and billy sticks or clubs or whatever you call them.
Then more came driving up on motorcycles, they drive 2 on a bike.
With clubs and guns and other gear.
Not for a moment was I nervous.
I felt like the safest person in the world at that moment.
They got off their motorcycles and were just hanging around waiting.
One said to us , Don't Worry.
I took his picture.
One asked us if we spoke English ...
I can never  manage  looking Argentine .. so I said yes and then proceeded to have a conversation with  the Argentina equivalent of the California Highway Patrol, with better guns.
He has family who live in Queens , New York.
He loves New York.
We love Buenos Aires. It was a moment of International Happiness.
Then they all got back on their motorcycles and pulled on their helmets and went back to looking like something from a Hollywood movie..
The Paraguayan Embassy is on the street   where the Biblioteca is located.
This was all about the Paraguayan President, Ferdinand Lugo, who was removed from office this past week.
It will be interesting to hear what happens ... for now, I can only tell you that about a million people are honking their horns as they sit in traffic from all the street closures.

Friday Photo

Autumn in Buenos Aires

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aahhh ~ Life in Buenos Aires

The hustle, the bustle, the music, the dogs, the men, the women, the children and the Traffic.
I write this to the sound of one million people , stuck in traffic, honking their horns.
Anyone with half a brain knows that no one is going anywhere, Gridlock has happened.

Thanks  to heavy rain, bad drivers and unforeseen Acts of God, they are all stuck in traffic and they won't sit there quietly and suffer, they want the world to know how they feel.

Occasionally there is the Ambulance that comes along and gets stuck, siren going, no one can move ,
so they honk at each other some more.
My hat is off to the Ambulance Drivers of Buenos Aires!

I imagine myself driving to a hospital, stuck in traffic where people don't know or follow basic rules of driving ..
I think I would just ram the guy in front of me, see how fast the rest would get out of the way.
This would make a good reality series.
We can call it Death Race 2012 .. or Get The #@$@  Out Of My Way ..

Why is it that when it rains, people forget how to drive ? If they ever knew how to begin with.

So the rain is pouring down, I have checked all the windows .. I am always on the look-out for a leak .
This never used to be so but after living here for 5 years, water and I have an uneasy relationship.
I like it, I want it and yet, I don't want to see it in certain areas ... under the windows, up around the ceiling or puddling on the floor.

My psyche has forever been damaged by the ordeals over the past 5 years of Water Issues.
It might not sound like much to you, but it is surprising to know how Water Issues can change a persons life.
I will write a book about it one  day, a best seller, everyone will look at rain and the upstairs neighbour in a whole different way.

Being stuck in with rain and this and that, I have turned to the kitchen to avoid boredom.
We now have macaroni and cheese , made with a healthy dose of Dijon Mustard , cooling on the counter.
One of us has had a nice big cup of hot broth to chase away symptoms of a cold.
Both of us have had our scones and one of us is now staying away from the kitchen to avoid a second scone, another taste of macaroni and perhaps some M&Ms ... this is why Rainy Days are fattening.
Yes, Rainy Days are fattening, you didn't know that ?
Ha ! in some countries they are worse than others.

At least here, leaving the house and ending up in a cafe, restaurant, diner would mean walking through the rain ... in the US ( for example) you can hop in a car and be anywhere that you wish without getting soaked. .. making certain countries worse when it comes to Rainy Day fat.

No one is looking for a house to buy today, that's for sure !
Over the sound of rain and horns, we can sometimes hear a faint cheer going up from somewhere, a futbol game is being won ... happy people will be dancing in the streets ( as soon as the rain stops) and a happy team will get a big cup and there will be much happiness in futbol land.

Meanwhile in my land, would someone please send me a chocolate cake.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today I Did Nothing

I had all kinds of ideas on what to do today. .. last night.
I had all kinds of lists in my head and figured the day would be packed with activity and perhaps shopping... last night.
I planned on doing errands then going to a Mall and maybe spending the entire day buying Things... last night.

Today, I realised we had a doctors appointment at 1:00.
We sat and waited our turns, for about half an hour or so,  then the doctors visit took just minutes.
Everyone is fine, I will be having this and that done but these are non-scary skin doctor sort of things so all is well.
Now we are ready to go out and shop ..
But it is about 3:00, the sun is shining, the air is sweet and there is a huge Teamsters strike, so traffic is lighter than usual ... a good time to go have coffee and a sweet and relax.

It is soooo easy to talk me into doing something else.
I no longer have any ambition.
I am difficult to tie down to a time and or a date.
I eat later and later and drink too much coffee.
I walk slower than I used to... although I can still travel at a good clip when it is needed.
I think, I might just be ... turning Argentine.

But we all know that that one travels, one should blend in with the "natives" .. so we have blended very well and I am now wondering, how long will it take me to blend back in the United States?
Will it be easier because it is NY,  where we will be city savvy , fast walking and  English speaking ?
It might be. At least we will know our way around.

But I bet it won't be as sweet to order something in a store and fumble around   and have the server/salesperson stand there patiently and smile and try to be helpful and all with sweet good humour ... I just don't remember that from living in NYC.

 I don't think I will get into a taxi with a driver who says hello, how are you, and then is happy to chat, happy to turn the music up so I can enjoy it too and who will wish us God Speed as we leave ..
I just don't expect that to happen.

Tonight, I am doing nothing.
Someone else is cooking dinner.. nothing hard about that !

We will watch a movie later .. about nothing important.

It has been a good day ..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, this is Winter ..

So, we walked 150 blocks (slight exaggeration) to the Mall ... then walked up and down the 3 stories of shops .. looking in windows, looking inside and stopping here and there ..
Then we walked home, stopping at the produce market on the corner.

My feet have stopped speaking to me .
My legs say they are going on strike.
My heart thanks me every day ..

The weather is fantastic !
Maybe 60º F and all sunshine with a slight breeze.
You can walk on the sunny side and be happy or cross the street and cool off a bit in the shade.
Flowers are blooming, vines are growing some sort of flowers and there are trees still green, some in autumn colors and some bare and wintery looking.

If not for all the coats and jackets you see people wearing, you would think it was summer time .. flowers and green leaves and birds singing.

Yeah, this is Winter in Buenos Aires.

Oh , it will get cold and grey and damp and you will think you will never be warm again but that lasts maybe a few days or a week at most.
Then you see the sun and when you take a walk, the outdoor cafes are full.
And everyone sits facing the sun.
If you watch, as the day goes by, the chairs all move, following the sun.

We went to Alto Palermo , the mall .. this was the scouting expedition, I will be going back prepared to shop and try on and buy. ..
Shoes .. loafers with studs , shoes, soft as butter, flat walking shoes in a light tan color , and maybe a top or a pair of trousers or something ..
I am open to anything ..
I will be glad to try it on and see if it needs to come home with me.

My phone now has a new case, I can drop it with less fear now.
And it looks better than the ordinary black rubbery thing it had.
Now it has a nice little plaid .. a sort of Burberry look .. my phone has gone from industrial  to preppy.

I found my Clinique at the mall too.
This might sound ho hum to most people but for me, this has been The Quest.
You can't test make ups here.
You can't look on your own.
You can't touch.
You can't sniff.
A salesperson has to do it all.
One would guess that the theft of cosmetics here is beyond imagination going by the way they seriously guard Tester bottles.
But in this place, I found a girl that let me touch, chatted with me .. yes, thank you, she speaks English .. she probably learned in a month.
I have been here 5 years and still cannot speak Spanish fluently.
I do speak Spanglish pretty well though.
And now and then if I can't think of the right word, it will pop into my head in French.
I speak less French than I do Spanish so it might all be gibberish and I am completely out of my mind.
But they still treat me very nicely and with beautiful manners.. and sell me the perfect make up base.

The mall was packed with people and I did hear quite a bit of English being spoken.
I saw a bag that I covet .. from a shop called La Martina.
When asked about the price, ( in Spanish) the sweet salesgirl answered in English.
We still can't fool them !

Now it is time for tea and relaxing ..

Not a bad Winter day ..

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Look At This Blog

Made in Heaven

These days, I am all about Architecture and Design. 
A Red Door was sure to grab my attention, as well as everything else posted on this lovely blog.
So if you haven't visited Made in Heaven yet, hurry on over there now.
Tell her I said Hello .. Enjoy !

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday - the Day of Rest

Like we don't rest Monday through Saturday ? 
In our neighborhood, everything is slower, more quiet and peaceful ( if you don't count the sound of grown men yelling at the tops of their lungs when someone scores in the futbol game they are all watching ) .. the birds are the noisiest creatures in our general area.
Doves cooing, pigeons making those little homey pigeon noises and now and then the tree will rattle its leaves with a gust of a cold breeze.
The sun shines, it is winter but it is sweater weather and if you sit in the park, facing the sun, you will feel warm and feel good...
Winter in Buenos Aires is about the prettiest and most comfortable winter of any place  in my memory.

We bundled up and did our "scone run " .. where we go to one bakery for their scones and another for scones for me, which are now our scones.
Who knew scones would become so important ?

The walk takes us for many blocks and we look in windows, people watch, I take photos, we sample baked goods and generally mosey along.
There is nothing like a good mosey.
I think I can safely say that I am a champion mosey-er.

After our bakery run, we put things away and went back out to sit in the park like two old folks and soak up some winter sun and warmth and people watch.

Today was People Watching Bonanza.

Everyone was out and strolling, sitting, lying and skateboarding, biking and running, not to mention pup walking.
We got the best seats in the house and spent a nice amount of time, soaking in the  sun at our backs as I did my best to photograph skateboarders flying down the hill in front of us.
I am not sure, I haven't looked yet, but it felt like not one photo worked.
Those boys fly by with the greatest of ease.
So did a girl ! Go girl !
My favorite is when the boys go flying down and one is behind, with a camera at the end of a stick and he films them .. amazing .

I won't get on a skateboard.
I tripped on a skate board once, that was enough for me.
My son is a good skateboarder. But he never gets to show off for his mom anymore.
We have to do something about that.

We are home now.
Sipping tea and planning tonights dinner and movies.
So far, it has been a Perfect Day of Rest

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Photo

Just in case you think life in Buenos Aires is all fun and games and walks in the park.
Our local supermercado
But we do walk in the park every day ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Plans ..

As I sit here preparing to turn off the computer , I hear the shutters in other apartments being closed.
It is a sound that I now associate with bedtime.
Great white shutters that cover the French doors and windows, locked  and keeping the inhabitants safe and  offering some protection from the bright early morning light.

We went downtown today, ( imagine Wall Street NY ... but much smaller, dirtier ) and did some boring things that one is required to do in places like that .. then home to think of what to do next.

It has been cold .. Winter is here and it feels like it, especially at night.
I had plans for tomorrow, they involved shopping.
Now I hear that the Teamsters are striking until the weekend when the Presidenta comes back from her meetings here and there.
Petrol is getting low, tempers are flaring, in one place, shots were fired.

I think this means that instead of a taxi ride to Palermo for  lunch and shopping  , the plan for tomorrow will be Museum Day.

We can start out at the Belle Artes, that will take a while.
They spent months and months renewing things, making new rooms, new exhibitions and painting , it is time we took a look at the results.

Then a few blocks away, is the Palais de Glace, an ice skating rink in the "old days", now a wonderful round building that holds art exhibits that constantly change.
It is free, the art is usually interesting at least and sometimes wonderful.

From there we can walk up the hill to the Recoleta Cultural Center and see what they have on exhibit there.
Lunch or just coffee at the Gout Cafe ( our new favorite place) and there you have the day.

Wishing you a Good Night and a Fun Friday ~

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today was Flag Day

I admit that we did not know until we realised that it was awfully quiet outside, there were no horns honking, no sounds of traffic or work being done somewhere.
It was quiet.
How very odd !
I looked out the French doors and there, across the street ... a flag on a balcony. Then a taxi went by, a flag on his antenna, more flags on more cars !
There you have it, Flag Day.

Most food shops and grocery stores were open, cafes and restaurants were open, there was something large and loud and musical happening at the park ..
Slowly we made our way to the shops, picked up goodies for dinner then having dropped those at home, decided to wander.

We are experts at wandering.
We decided down the block that it was a bit too cold and windy to wander far, so we just meandered .. This means we only went a few blocks, through another park, then home again to hot tea, scones and deciding what movie to watch tonight.

Yes, life as an ex-pat in Argentina can be almost   too exciting sometimes.

(flag photo taken by my husband)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside ~

 The skies are grey, there is a light rain, no one is out on the street and only the truly insane decide they have to go buy groceries today of all days.
Although, once a person has bought some interesting , tasty things at the market, they can warm up the house with things cooking in the oven, the house will smell homey and cozy with all those delicious scents and one could even hang out by the oven , pretending it was the Fireplace... if one were to be that needy for fireplaces, warmth and that sort of thing.

What always makes me happy about Buenos Aires is that there are actually seasons, each one is great and they all seem to last a longer time than Back in The Other World.
Spring and Autumn are blissfully long, the most beautiful times of year ( in my opinion.)
Summer starts out great but by the end , you just want some cool dry air and the chance to put on a sweater.
Autumn is so wonderful because the air is crisp and fall-like ( for someone coming from a location where Fall is fabulous) , it is long enough also.
But then winter hits and the cold gets old fast.
At least the sun usually shines.
The parrots are having a good time in their parrot condos ( nests) up at the top of the highest palm trees in the parks and all the little birds are hopping around, grabbing any goodies a person with a scone in their hand might want to share.
It snowed once in 97 years.. we were here for that.
I am hoping, judging by the damp, cold we are feeling right now, that it won't snow.
I can definitely wait until I am back in the NorthEast US to see more snow.

So f or now, where is that Big Ole Mr Sun ?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Days

Our days seem to be spent waiting.
Waiting for phone calls, waiting for house hunters, waiting for it to stop raining, waiting for it not be so cold, waiting for the electrician, waiting for the plumber and waiting for someone to buy our home so we can move on to the next step.

Every day I sit in this sunny bright room, with the red toile throw and the French doors with all that life and energy  outside and I try to find that peaceful quiet spot inside myself, the one that can sit quietly and wait.
I am still waiting to find that one ! I am not the sitting and waiting quietly type.
But I try.
I live with this lovely man who is the champion quiet sit and wait type.
He has this zone of calm and peace around him at all times and there are days that the best place to be is right beside him.
The really great part is that while I am buzzing with energy and fretting and fussing, I sit next to him and he doesn't catch it from me, I get a bit of his peacefulness instead.

We had a few days of rain , which is miserable here, cold and wet in Argentina is not good.
But thankfully, it is not usual either and the sun came out and the skies are bright blue and while it is cold, it is pretty again.
We went to a movie yesterday, Prometheus.
I fussed about having to wear 3D glasses.
In the past they gave me headaches. This time it did not and I enjoyed the movie.
I was especially glad there were no scenes of something happening inside some persons stomach and the nauseating results in 3D would just have been a bit much, if you know what I mean.

When we went into the theatre it was still warm out, when we came out, it was windy and damp and cold.
We scurried home to the warm apartment and hot tea , all that was missing was the fireplace.

Now we have a bright blue sky, the sun shines on this Saturday and it is time for us to go out and do something fun.
Palermo sounds like the place to do it.

Maybe when we come home, we will hear from Mr Realtor with good news.
Or any news at all.
Again I would like to thank Madame Presidenta for deciding to try whatever possible way there is,  to ensure that no one can get their hands on money here at this time, to be sure to keep us here.
She could have just asked.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Neither Here Nor There

Winter is here, it has been very cold.
 I have this feeling all the time that I should be packing or going through things to throw something away. Instead , we go  on walks, I take a gazillion photos, downloading them,  having fun editing photographs and posting them on Tumblr.
I take photos of buildings, parks and places, mostly.

I will have these photos, thousands of them now, when the day comes that I am in my new home in my new town in my old country and missing this place like crazy.

Some days I miss it and I am still here !
I will have a moment with someone who lives on our street, a person in the building, a stranger in the park and I will think, will anyone "back home" be as nice as this ?

No one is mean to us.
No one has ever been mean to us.
Isn't that weird ?

We are from New York and while they are vocal and brutally honest and very opinionated, NewYorkers are also caring and kind and funny.
But I often feel like I have never met one not - nice person here ... I cannot remember who was less than kind and sweet.

There are places here full of memories of Pup and those are the places I will find it hardest to leave.
As if I will be leaving him here, as if we would go anywhere without him.
But then I look at homes online and I see houses with gardens, I think  that Pup should be with us so he can enjoy them, maybe a new puppy will be there instead.
Maybe a little cat will curl up in front of the fireplace and purr while we read in our new living room, in our new home, in the woods.

We are neither here nor there.
We are living here but thinking of there.
We have not packed, we do not know when we will go, we cannot start preparations.
So while I live in Buenos Aires, my thoughts keep finding themselves there .. looking for that new place, still enjoying the old place, new adventures waiting .. here and there.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Look At This Blog

Sorry I am late with this today , but it is still Monday so I am not a total loser.
Welcome to my Monday Look at this Blog where I direct your attention to a blog that I follow and love and that I , in some way, manage to learn from or just plain old copy ..
How else was I to learn how to blog ??

Enjoy Paris Breakfast 

Well, really, when you think about it, what is there in those two words that is not to enjoy? Say hello to Carol for me ~

Saturday, June 9, 2012

In Hibernation

It's winter. I am bored. I am boring.
I sleep late, I spend too much time on the computer, I take forever to get dressed and ready to leave the house then I am either freezing when we get outside or get bored with being outside and we come back home where I spend too much time on the computer and go to bed late.
I do drink a lot of tea and coffee and I am eating too many scones!

Our wanderings are kept closer to home since it is F R E E Z I N G here every day.
Forget about going out at night !
The sun starts to go down at around 4:00  in the afternoon, I am headed for home for warm tea, sweet things , a book, a movie, a nap .. I am not getting dressed and going back out into the cold.
Nope, not gonna happen, I am officially in Hibernation.

We won't discuss the upset of having a perfect paint job in my kitchen, ruined by the lady's leaky pipes upstairs.
Or the time spent on a dangerous wobbling   ladder that my husband had to climb to re-paint the laundry room ceiling where the water damage was quite apparent.
Or the fact that mould is now coming through and it all needs to be bleached and painted again.
OR the fact that walls that I thought were unharmed, are showing cracks in the paint.

A  nice lady came to look at the apartment today.
She loved the high ceilings.
The chandeliers.
The rooms.
The 100 year old oak floors.
The French doors.
The French windows .. Funny, she never mentioned the mould or the cracks.

They say the cold spell is coming to an end.
I hope so.
I am eager to get out and take my long walks again, ending up in neighbourhoods that I don't know as  well, finding a cafe that is interesting, walking through a new exhibit at one of the small museums nearby, found in an old mansion.
These are the best, even if the art isn't especially interesting, it is delightful to walk through an old home in a beautiful neighbourhood and envision what it must have been like, years and years ago when it was a home.
The Decorative Artes Museum 

Now it is time to go snuggle under the big throw that lies on the sofa, where we will hopefully find a movie on the telly.
Have a good weekend, stay warm ! or cool, as the case may be ~

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Photo !

All of the parks in our neighborhood have these lamps.
Some will have a bird nest tucked into a curve.. some have just a single light, they are all, always beautiful.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside !

The daily temperatures are around 8º C and 16º C.. that is a bit much if you ask me.
Argentina, Buenos Aires to be exact, gets cold in the winter but it hadn't snowed for 97 years when they had a bit of a flurry on July 9th, 2007.
We were here for that.
We did not expect to be here for more.
We did not expect to need serious winter coats.
Today I wore 2 pairs of socks , high leather riding boots, a wool coat, lined leather gloves and a big scarf with a wool sweater over a cotton sweater ... I was still cold.

Something about this just isn't right.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Look At This Blog

Postcard Pictures 

I carry my camera in my pocket with me most days.
I take dozens of photos  most days.
I post them here and there, but now there are so many !
And while I enjoy the photography, I love seeing the photography of others.
So lucky me, I found this blog by Francesca Muir .. Postcard Pictures. They are wonderful,
go have a look , enjoy, tell her I said hello~

Saturday, June 2, 2012

When the Time Comes

There hasn't been much to blog about lately.
It is cold. How often do you want to hear about that ?
It is early days of winter, you are pretty much sick of hearing about winter right now, aren't you?

The trees still have leaves , dry and yellow and brown but they aren't bare and totally wintery yet.
The skies are still bright blue with puffy white clouds now and then and the parrots are noisy and the pigeons march along the sidewalks with us when we pass the parks.

One park has been enclosed with high yellow metal fencing which hides the work being done to put in the subway lines.
Another has a small amount of the same work going on, changing the landscape, lessening the beauty of the area.

All we have to do is walk a block to the left and we don't even see it .. walk past the Embassy where we took Tate to the park each day, past the stairs where, when we first arrived he would bounce up those steps  and wait at the top for us .. you could see the impatience .. come on  ! come on ! you can do it !
And we would trudge up the steps and he would bounce off to sniff every single blade of grass in that park.
And he had a fine time doing it.

We would sit on a bench and watch.
Pup watch, people watch, skateboarder watch, trees, flowers and park watch .. sitting on a bench in the parks here is totally satisfying.
Now the parks are a bit empty.

On Sundays the skateboarders fly down the hill, one in the rear with a camera on the end of a pole, filming the guy in front of him.
They are good.
Today we went to the museum, the Palais de Glace.
I like the building sometimes more than the art inside.
Then we walked.
As is our usual habit, no set destination, just wandering until something catches our attention, or we get too tired.
We bought salmon at the fish market .. that took care of dinner.

Tonight there is the biggest, most perfect, bright, clear, full moon that I have seen in about a year.
I think the last time we saw it, we were in the park with a lot of other people and Pup, walking and listening to music by a nice little band that was playing there.
Their name is Aqualactica, you must listen to them !
I love their music, even though it makes me cry ..
So that is what is happening here these days .. quiet and slow  in some ways, preparing for the crazy, busy, events that will be happening, sooner or later ..
We will be ready when that time comes.

Thank you to the Mapas de las Artes for the photo of the Palais de Glace!

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st

It is Winter here.
There is no getting around it now, it is cold out.
Coats and gloves are being worn.
Socks are a must with boots. Walking on cold sidewalks and pavement , the chill starts at the feet and works it's way up to your brain, where you suddenly are reminded that hot tea, scones and a nap are necessary.
Winter has possibilities of being fattening.

Luckily here, winter is usually bright and sunny.
If you are dressed right, you can still take long walks and visit other neighbourhoods and shop and walk and shop and .... shop.
All sorts of things are going on in Argentina right now, Winter is the least of the worries at the moment.
The government is making everyone unhappy.
Last night the people of the city , at a certain hour, all went out on their terraces, their balconies, into the street and banged on pots.
Loud and constant and long, I am not sure how long it went on but they meant business, they meant for that man who works for the government who lives on our block and all those others who live in this city, to know , They are not happy.
We are not that happy either.
But it is winter, the sun is out and  Snow White  is waiting ..

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