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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Days

Our days seem to be spent waiting.
Waiting for phone calls, waiting for house hunters, waiting for it to stop raining, waiting for it not be so cold, waiting for the electrician, waiting for the plumber and waiting for someone to buy our home so we can move on to the next step.

Every day I sit in this sunny bright room, with the red toile throw and the French doors with all that life and energy  outside and I try to find that peaceful quiet spot inside myself, the one that can sit quietly and wait.
I am still waiting to find that one ! I am not the sitting and waiting quietly type.
But I try.
I live with this lovely man who is the champion quiet sit and wait type.
He has this zone of calm and peace around him at all times and there are days that the best place to be is right beside him.
The really great part is that while I am buzzing with energy and fretting and fussing, I sit next to him and he doesn't catch it from me, I get a bit of his peacefulness instead.

We had a few days of rain , which is miserable here, cold and wet in Argentina is not good.
But thankfully, it is not usual either and the sun came out and the skies are bright blue and while it is cold, it is pretty again.
We went to a movie yesterday, Prometheus.
I fussed about having to wear 3D glasses.
In the past they gave me headaches. This time it did not and I enjoyed the movie.
I was especially glad there were no scenes of something happening inside some persons stomach and the nauseating results in 3D would just have been a bit much, if you know what I mean.

When we went into the theatre it was still warm out, when we came out, it was windy and damp and cold.
We scurried home to the warm apartment and hot tea , all that was missing was the fireplace.

Now we have a bright blue sky, the sun shines on this Saturday and it is time for us to go out and do something fun.
Palermo sounds like the place to do it.

Maybe when we come home, we will hear from Mr Realtor with good news.
Or any news at all.
Again I would like to thank Madame Presidenta for deciding to try whatever possible way there is,  to ensure that no one can get their hands on money here at this time, to be sure to keep us here.
She could have just asked.

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  1. Hey, what happened to the music? No más? I come here every night to enjoy your posts and the music. I hope you get good news soon.


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