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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

When the Time Comes

There hasn't been much to blog about lately.
It is cold. How often do you want to hear about that ?
It is early days of winter, you are pretty much sick of hearing about winter right now, aren't you?

The trees still have leaves , dry and yellow and brown but they aren't bare and totally wintery yet.
The skies are still bright blue with puffy white clouds now and then and the parrots are noisy and the pigeons march along the sidewalks with us when we pass the parks.

One park has been enclosed with high yellow metal fencing which hides the work being done to put in the subway lines.
Another has a small amount of the same work going on, changing the landscape, lessening the beauty of the area.

All we have to do is walk a block to the left and we don't even see it .. walk past the Embassy where we took Tate to the park each day, past the stairs where, when we first arrived he would bounce up those steps  and wait at the top for us .. you could see the impatience .. come on  ! come on ! you can do it !
And we would trudge up the steps and he would bounce off to sniff every single blade of grass in that park.
And he had a fine time doing it.

We would sit on a bench and watch.
Pup watch, people watch, skateboarder watch, trees, flowers and park watch .. sitting on a bench in the parks here is totally satisfying.
Now the parks are a bit empty.

On Sundays the skateboarders fly down the hill, one in the rear with a camera on the end of a pole, filming the guy in front of him.
They are good.
Today we went to the museum, the Palais de Glace.
I like the building sometimes more than the art inside.
Then we walked.
As is our usual habit, no set destination, just wandering until something catches our attention, or we get too tired.
We bought salmon at the fish market .. that took care of dinner.

Tonight there is the biggest, most perfect, bright, clear, full moon that I have seen in about a year.
I think the last time we saw it, we were in the park with a lot of other people and Pup, walking and listening to music by a nice little band that was playing there.
Their name is Aqualactica, you must listen to them !
I love their music, even though it makes me cry ..
So that is what is happening here these days .. quiet and slow  in some ways, preparing for the crazy, busy, events that will be happening, sooner or later ..
We will be ready when that time comes.

Thank you to the Mapas de las Artes for the photo of the Palais de Glace!

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  1. i love those kinds of quiet, aimless, relaxing days...


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