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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aahhh ~ Life in Buenos Aires

The hustle, the bustle, the music, the dogs, the men, the women, the children and the Traffic.
I write this to the sound of one million people , stuck in traffic, honking their horns.
Anyone with half a brain knows that no one is going anywhere, Gridlock has happened.

Thanks  to heavy rain, bad drivers and unforeseen Acts of God, they are all stuck in traffic and they won't sit there quietly and suffer, they want the world to know how they feel.

Occasionally there is the Ambulance that comes along and gets stuck, siren going, no one can move ,
so they honk at each other some more.
My hat is off to the Ambulance Drivers of Buenos Aires!

I imagine myself driving to a hospital, stuck in traffic where people don't know or follow basic rules of driving ..
I think I would just ram the guy in front of me, see how fast the rest would get out of the way.
This would make a good reality series.
We can call it Death Race 2012 .. or Get The #@$@  Out Of My Way ..

Why is it that when it rains, people forget how to drive ? If they ever knew how to begin with.

So the rain is pouring down, I have checked all the windows .. I am always on the look-out for a leak .
This never used to be so but after living here for 5 years, water and I have an uneasy relationship.
I like it, I want it and yet, I don't want to see it in certain areas ... under the windows, up around the ceiling or puddling on the floor.

My psyche has forever been damaged by the ordeals over the past 5 years of Water Issues.
It might not sound like much to you, but it is surprising to know how Water Issues can change a persons life.
I will write a book about it one  day, a best seller, everyone will look at rain and the upstairs neighbour in a whole different way.

Being stuck in with rain and this and that, I have turned to the kitchen to avoid boredom.
We now have macaroni and cheese , made with a healthy dose of Dijon Mustard , cooling on the counter.
One of us has had a nice big cup of hot broth to chase away symptoms of a cold.
Both of us have had our scones and one of us is now staying away from the kitchen to avoid a second scone, another taste of macaroni and perhaps some M&Ms ... this is why Rainy Days are fattening.
Yes, Rainy Days are fattening, you didn't know that ?
Ha ! in some countries they are worse than others.

At least here, leaving the house and ending up in a cafe, restaurant, diner would mean walking through the rain ... in the US ( for example) you can hop in a car and be anywhere that you wish without getting soaked. .. making certain countries worse when it comes to Rainy Day fat.

No one is looking for a house to buy today, that's for sure !
Over the sound of rain and horns, we can sometimes hear a faint cheer going up from somewhere, a futbol game is being won ... happy people will be dancing in the streets ( as soon as the rain stops) and a happy team will get a big cup and there will be much happiness in futbol land.

Meanwhile in my land, would someone please send me a chocolate cake.


  1. Sounds like you need a chocolate cake, a snug blanket and a fascinating movie or two...


    p.s. That picture of the cars is hard to look at. I've never been stuck in something like that and can't imagine how it un-clogged itself...

  2. OH DEAR! This is why I prefer to stay HOME!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME TONIGHT! What a delight! ANd as for the chocolate....we have chocolate ICED TEA for tonight as we battle 100 degree weather up here in the upper midwest!!!


  3. HA! I had to laugh reading your description of the traffic and the drivers’ demeanor. I’ve been there and it’s all so true. I wouldn’t dare to drive in BA. I’m just fine with the collectivo, the Subte or a taxi.


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