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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside ~

 The skies are grey, there is a light rain, no one is out on the street and only the truly insane decide they have to go buy groceries today of all days.
Although, once a person has bought some interesting , tasty things at the market, they can warm up the house with things cooking in the oven, the house will smell homey and cozy with all those delicious scents and one could even hang out by the oven , pretending it was the Fireplace... if one were to be that needy for fireplaces, warmth and that sort of thing.

What always makes me happy about Buenos Aires is that there are actually seasons, each one is great and they all seem to last a longer time than Back in The Other World.
Spring and Autumn are blissfully long, the most beautiful times of year ( in my opinion.)
Summer starts out great but by the end , you just want some cool dry air and the chance to put on a sweater.
Autumn is so wonderful because the air is crisp and fall-like ( for someone coming from a location where Fall is fabulous) , it is long enough also.
But then winter hits and the cold gets old fast.
At least the sun usually shines.
The parrots are having a good time in their parrot condos ( nests) up at the top of the highest palm trees in the parks and all the little birds are hopping around, grabbing any goodies a person with a scone in their hand might want to share.
It snowed once in 97 years.. we were here for that.
I am hoping, judging by the damp, cold we are feeling right now, that it won't snow.
I can definitely wait until I am back in the NorthEast US to see more snow.

So f or now, where is that Big Ole Mr Sun ?


  1. I think you've forgotten what cold is :). Your winter temps are like our summer ones so far here in teh Netherlands.

    Wrap up warm an I hope a buyer walks through your door tomorrow.

  2. Ha ! Hetismij, you are right, I am being a wimp !
    Thank you for that hope for tomorrow .. besos !

  3. And to think that in Las Vegas we are having triple digits. I'm sending you a little heat from here. Thanks for putting back the music. See, you have spoiled your audience. :)

  4. Yep - not been fantastic in England this summer, wet, cold, black clouds etc. This weekend was briefly sunny but very windy so not that warm really - we had one fantastic week in May - I take it that was summer then


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