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Friday, May 11, 2018

Sorry, Wrong Number

I was sitting on the sofa, petting an ancient old cat ... appreciating the breeze coming in through the open sliding doors entire wall is sliding glass doors, open those and you are a step away from outdoors !

My cell phone sat beside me, used as a clock/email  way more than as a telephone ... when it rang.
Yes, I jumped.
Then I said hello and this man with a lovely accent spoke to me and with such familiarity that I was confused, did I know him ? did he know me ? My number is unlisted ... I don't give anyone my number .. Then he said something else and I said, You dialed the wrong number.
He was surprised and said, But you sound exactly like my daughter ! and I laughed and said I will take that as a compliment and because he had this accent, I asked where he was calling from.
Montreal !

For the next 15 minutes, Monsieur So and So and I had the nicest conversation ! LOL ~~
I told him I loved Montreal and we used to go there every year, that I considered living there at one time, but South America was more appealing weather wise and then we just chatted .

This total stranger who dialed a  wrong number and I, had the most pleasant little chat about the weather in Florida and how much I like Montreal especially shopping there !
He really cheered me up .. talking about places I have been to and enjoyed, just talking to a person instead of a cat ! lol

So  I told him I enjoyed talking to him and it was the best wrong number I have ever answered !
And then we said Goodby ~


Linda said...

Maybe he'll call the wrong number again!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

lol Linda
That would be funny!
As it was, it was an unexpected cheerful moment which I totally appreciate:)

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