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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Must Have

He / She would not be that much bigger than the cats, fully grown. I see no reason why I should not have this puppy. Well, maybe not this same exact puppy but one just like it. Exactly like it.

It will give the cats something to do.
Minette will play ball with it.
Merlin will watch over it and guard it.
Honey will share her food ... somehow that might be doubtful ... but she will definitely keep that puppy warm in winter.

I am content with my cat family.
I just like having a dog .. to play with and to walk .. I have had dogs all my life .. mostly large dogs.
But these days, I was advised, never get a dog that you cannot pick up.
In Buenos Aires I learned that lesson. When Tate collapsed in the street ... well, on the sidewalk .. I sat on the sidewalk and held his head in my lap and talked to him, he came around and got up and was "fine" ... but that was the lesson, I cannot cope with a large dog on my own anymore.

My daughter has a baby - Shitzu . a tiny bug eyed little bundle of love. She is sooo adorable.
Great thing about puppies .. when they grow up into dogs, they still love you and think you are the best thing that ever happened.

It is another gorgeous day in Florida.
Sunshine, blue skies and a breeze to keep things comfy.
I am waiting for the other shoe to drop - there must be a storm out there .
I have to go talk to the cats now. .


Terra said...

Oh I know the temptation to get a dog or puppy and that one in your photo, I think it is a Boston Terrier, is a breed I might get, if I ever add a second dog. My cat never lived with dogs and she has ruled my house for about 6 years, so I worried when I brought home a small dog from the shelter. It worked out great! They like each other. Just sayin', to encourage you.

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

We had an elderly Abyssinian cat when we brought Pup/Tate to live with us.
Sebastian the cat was so happy.
He had a warm body to sleep with.
He slept with me then he would get up and go sleep with the puppy.
Everyone was happy

Anonymous said...

We love our small dogs. They weigh 30 pounds and we never have to worry about their tails knocking over things on tables or themgetting things off counters. I think a little dog would make a great companion.

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

Carrie, someone told me a long time ago, never get a dog that you can't pick up in an emergency.
Like my Borzoi lol Pup/a Standard Poodle, you can see him on here all the time .. was pretty big nd heavy and when he collapsed in Buenos Aires on a walk to the park, on a city sidewalk, we had to just move him over next to the wall of a building and wait to see if he would come out of it.
Happily he did but it was the beginning of the end for him .. Thankfully we had taxi drivers who were strong and big hearted.

TexasTrailerParkTrash said...

We have a long-haired Chihuahua that weighs about 5 and a half pounds. He lets me kiss him and hold him like a baby. The cat we rescued from a culvert in the street when he was 6 months old outweighs him by about 10 pounds. When he was "auditioning" to become our indoor cat, he used to let me hold him like a baby. Now that he's been on the inside for 10 years, all bets are off. I have to have a pet that I can cuddle like that. We had 4 Collie mix dogs at one point who were very sweet and huggable, but it's not the same.

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