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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Summer Kitty Syndrome

They sleep .. usually on my bed, upstairs in my bedroom .. there is also water and a bite to eat for them. Mostly for Merlin who I try to keep comfortable and not have to go up and down a serious staircase too often in a day.

They love the lanai. It is Their Room.
There are pillows on every object, a wicker trunk with pillows and an easy hop up or down.
The crate that they can all live inside if they wanted to, has pillows inside and on top .. you could say, my cats have a cushy life ...
I hope so .. I hope they do .. I want them to have a soft and happy life.
They make me happy, they are so dear to me, the least they can have is a comfortable happy life.

There is only one drawback to the cats and I sharing the lanai lately.
They make me sleepy.
It might be impossible for me to sit down there with them and not fall asleep.
They started to do it to me this morning, but I caught them at it , I went into the house .. which is about 2 steps from where Minette is in the photo .. and I sat on the sofa and almost fell asleep.
So I am upstairs now .. trying to think of something to do to keep awake.
It's a tough life, going through this Summer Kitty Syndrome  .... I have to go lie down.


Fat Dormouse said...

Oh, I'm sure that if we had a conservatory, or something similar, like your lanai, I would spend all my timùe snoozing in the warmth! So I will happily join you & the cats out there!

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

We will save you a pillow :)

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