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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Remembering New York

Taking a Sunday Drive , memory-wise, through the area where we lived in New York State.
 There were many farms, sheep, goats and Highland Cattle were everywhere as well as a few fabulous horse farms. There were times that I would drive aimlessly and happen upon a sight that made me stop and get out of the car and just look ... soak it in ... and of course, take photos !
 There is a large Shaker community so there were farms and buildings that reminded me of them.
 Then there was the very nice family up the hill from our house, who owned a farm of sheep and Highland Cattle. After my husband died, I was alone all the time, I would walk up the hill and pet the cattle ( be careful of those massive horns, they are not aggressive but one turn of the head and a horn can at the least, knock you down. ) The sheep just acted sheepish .. baaaa, munch munch, baaa.

My husband and I liked the Country Store in Old Chatham. You never knew who you would see, the big wood burning stove kept everything warm and it was situated on a corner where 3 roads met, so  it had some interest to what was going on outside .. Quite a few movie and Broadway stars have homes in the Chatham's. . we did run into a few, here and there , just doing what all the rest of the locals do .. but in such a nice setting. 
Today is hot and sunny in Florida.
I miss a crisp chilly fall day, walking through piles of leaves on a country road.
Driving (a little too fast) on the winding lanes from the Chathams into town or if you feel like going farther, to Great Baarrington Ma... which is not that far and there is good shopping and eating there.
That is where we "landed" , when we moved up into that area. We heard about a house that was for rent by the month .. we could stay there and do our househunt. Great Barrington is fabulous.
Another day for that story ~


liparifam said...

Wow, it looks gorgeous there :)

Mundi said...

Over the last week or so Spring has Sprung in your old stomping grounds, and glorious it is! Shad-blow, Dogwood, Redbud, Magnolias, Lilacs are all either in full bloom or about to be. And Oh.....that gorgeous green, everywhere you look!

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

Oh Mundi .. thank you .. I wish I was there right now !!

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

lipari, it really is.

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