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Monday, April 2, 2018

Why I Love My Landlord

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I had a lighting problem. I have one of these now and then, this condo is built like a loft ... therefore the ceilings are ridiculously high and I can never change a lightbulb.
This problem was compounded by the fact that the light fixture is over the staircase , a major high staircase so there is no Me Climbing a Ladder and changing the light bulb.
And I need that light when going up and down stairs in the night ... pitch dark.

It is a fabulous apartment with nothing but glass walls and high ceilings but that also causes me some anxiety at times and makes it hard to change a light bulb. And it has nothing to do with being blonde .

I actually have no ladder that high.

So on a holiday afternoon with a wife waiting with a big dinner cooked, he came to my house and not only replaced the light bulb but made sure the others were all fine too.
Then he tried to talk me into going home with him for Easter Dinner with his family.

What a  kind man whose family I have never met,  to ask  me to the family holiday dinner !

So I am filing this under The Kindness of Strangers and it will warm my heart for quite a while.
( doesn't it seem like those warm your heart moments are fewer and farther between  these days ?)


TexasTrailerParkTrash said...

What a nice man! That warmed my heart too.

Barbara H. said...

That was a great gift he gave - light, safety and the kindness of sharing his family time.

CDF said...

Exactly .. my sore heart felt good ... I am very lucky at times ..

Linda deV said...

Did you go?!?!

So very sweet.

CDF said...

No, I stayed home with the cats .. it would have been difficult for me in little ways to spend a holiday with strangers .. some day but not yet :)

Angiemanzi said...

What a lovely gesture!!

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