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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Go Away I Hate You

Merlin, as you might remember , I know, how could you forget ! is a Himalayan cat.
A Siamese dressed up as a Persian .. and he is old .. very ... and cranky ... very.
He likes nothing better than eating, napping, eating and napping outside in the fresh air on the lanai and eating.
Yet, you pick him up and he is light .. it is all hair.
But he is large, he is much bigger than Minette .. no one is bigger than Honey though .. I might be .. at least I am taller than she is .
Minette is her old self ... still a kitten in many ways.. beautiful , blue with those   headlights for eyes. She is very affectionate and still frisky and kitten-silly.
She adores Merlin.
I find them napping close to each other all the time .. I got him when she was just a few months old and they bonded, taking that trip down here to Florida from New York .. we all bonded !

This morning, Merlin got piggy and ate everybody's breakfast.
And just a little while ago, I got to try to get the stains out of the cream colored carpet in my bedroom where Merlins stomach said, this has got to go ... and I am not talking about him throwing up.
No, that would have been too easy.
So before 9 am this morning, I have been on the floor with scrubbing tools and soaps and chemicals, trying to get the stain out of the carpet.
I fear there is no such product ...
If I didn't love that old cat so much ~~~~

He is not speaking to me at this time, the indignities were overwhelming to him .. he has to recover.


Barbara H. said...

Oh gosh, hard times for both you and Merlin. The old guys are so wonderful and we always wish we could make those age-related issues better. You are lucky to have each other.

Linda deV said...

Oh my gosh...this is so sweet and funny. That little piggy. How often I have done the very same thing (eat too much) and regretted. The last pick is making me if, somehow, it was your fault.

TexasTrailerParkTrash said...

Merlin is gorgeous. We had a Himalayan (Neferkitty) that we got from a guy who couldn't keep her any longer. She looked just like your Merlin. Her previous owner had her declawed. She was the most affectionate cat I've ever had. You could pet her all day until her hide came off and it wouldn't be enough. I would sit on the couch trying to read the paper and she would be pawing away at the other side because I wasn't paying enough attention to her. She was my muse, too. I created a bunch of artist trading cards (playing card size artworks) called "Great Cats in Art" where I used her image in famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and Girl with the Pearl Earring, although my favorite is her as Frida "Katlo" complete with uni-brow. I wish I could post them here, but if you go to my blog at and click on ATC Gallery, you can see them. I hate to "promote" myself on someone else's blog like this, but I don't know how else to do it. My apologies in advance for the highjacking.

Linda said...

Oh my....

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

Oh Texas how Fabulous !!!
I will will fall over laughing just imagining him dressed up LOL

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

My landlord, a wonderful person, came over this evening and brought his carpet cleaner and he dry cleaned or whatever the carpets up the stairs and the entire upstairs... and there is now no sign of Merlin ever being sick on the carpet. Wonder how long this will last ....

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Hope he is feeling better.

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