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Friday, February 2, 2018

French Movies

French movies ... do you like to watch them ? Do you have favorites ?
French actors / actresses .... favorites ?
Paris or the countryside ? which do like to see more and would you live in France if you could.

I love to watch French films. My husband and I would always see one if we could .. whether online , video or in the cinema.

We had our favorite actors, some still alive but there were so many good old ones ..

I liked films like Amalie that were cute, romantic and in Paris .. but then I love films with good moody nice looking actors that take place in the city , Paris or elsewhere in France .. detective stories or  crime stories or mysteries .. as long as it is subtitled, I will watch it.

We couldn't see French films in Buenos Aires .. they had them, every week when new films came to the cinema, it seemed like there was at least one good French one .. but our luck , it was subtitled into Spanish, not English .. well, duh .. so we had to find them subtitled into English in video.

Eventually, we gave up. We would sometimes find something in the video store that had English subtitles, but mostly, we missed about 7 years worth of good "foreign" movies.

I am going to get back into watching them again, I will watch here, on my computer.
One of the reasons my husband bought this particular computer is the screen is so big ..we used to have a television smaller than this computer screen !

Tell me, what are your favorite French movies ? and why ?
Not counting Amalie .. I think everyone loved Amalie .. right ?
I still listen to the soundtrack , lol.

So  ... give it some thought, talk to me ... send me titles and I will try to watch the movies and will review them lol. We will have a weekly movie discussion !
Or I will just have some nice films to watch with the cats.

Merci .. Gracias ... Thank you very much.


Linda deV said...

French films are my favorite

I loved.

Romantics Anonymous
The intouchBles
The women on the 6th floor

To name just a few

liparifam said...

Definitely Jean de Florette and the sequel Manon of the Spring.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Definitely lipari, I can see those again !

LindaV, I know I have seen a couple of them but a long time ago so thank you, they are on the List :)

liparifam said...

Also, Babette's Feast, and I seem to recall enjoying the trio of movies Red, White and Blue :)

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