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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Friday, February 2, 2018

So Here's The Story

I can post on my blog using Safari.
I can see my blogs and others on Chrome but I cannot post on/to them.

My blog lists disappeared, I was able to make a new one, with some missing so more work on that today. Don't send emails asking me why I dropped you lol

I am not sure why this happened  .. it has to do with Safari vs Chrome.
I can post on one but I have no blog list on the other .. so another day will be sort of wasted, trying to get this right .. after all these years ? something this stupid goes wrong with Blogger.

It is Friday - Congratulations to all those who celebrate TGIF

To me it means a variety in television programming.

For a nice change, it is cold here. Yes, cold .. like the Heat went on automatically and the cats all slept on my bed ... no we won't speak of the need for a King Size Bed.
Merlin is getting more vocal and I think it is because he feels outnumbered and has to make himself heard.
Little does he know, Minette speaks for him ... what he wants, she wants etc.

Honey rarely meows but it is a little girl meow ... incongruous coming out of a huge cat ..

Their leftovers went to the little homeless cat outside this morning. She is looking good, last night I was allowed to pet her.
She must be starved for the loving touch of her family .. I wish I knew where to return her .

I think after getting my bank statement yesterday, that I will spend a little time today on
Sephora :)
Things that smell good..lotions and potions  (what do you like ?)  .. new makeup ..( what is your favorite?) and some shampoo if they sell it on Sephora .. they certainly haven't got it in my neighborhood ...

Happy Friday Everyone ... 


NotesFromAbroad said...

So now I can see the blog using CHROME and I was ab le to post a comment on another blog so we might be almost back to normal. whatever that is .

liparifam said...

Bed size is interesting - for the first fifteen years of our marriage, my ex and I had a full size, then moved up to a queen for another nine+ years. We bought a king about two years before we separated (hmmm, could there be a link, lol??) I still have that bed, and plan to get rid of it and scale back down to a queen in the next couple of months (it just overwhelms my new, smaller bedroom). The dogs and future grandkids and I will just have to rough it, haha!

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