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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Update - Merlin & the girls

Merlin slept on my bed most of the night. He does not snore but he is quite cranky when he wakes up and you want a kiss.
But then,  I have been known to be cranky in the early morning too so I let it slide. Kissing him anyway so there !

His neck is pitiful , he is pitiful... this large gorgeous cat with a large bald spot on his neck .. making his head look way too big .
I put his medicine which is like Vaseline , on his raw wound and then wrapped a wide strip of gauze around his neck .. he looks dashing. sort of . Well, if you squint and imagine really hard.

No matter how much I apologize, he won't look at me and he actually hissed at me last night.
But then .. this morning I scooped him up and ignored the growl and started kissing him and baby talking and he purred. phew ! I might be forgiven ... some day.

My hope is that by the end of the day, there will be a big difference in the look of his wound.
That I will have no more dramas , cat or otherwise.

I have learned ... that  cats are company , when alone,  even a cat can make you not feel like the only human on Earth.
Cats are more like dogs than we think ... they are affectionate, they like to snuggle and love a good warm body when it is time to sleep.
And they hear things and are alert to outside noises and voices ... mine will go stand by the door .. I know something or someone is out there and even when it is not My door... the neighbors are out there.
It isn't like having a Guard Dog but it does comfort me ...
Now if they could just learn to talk .. speak Human ... they absolutely do talk.

Merlin told me today that he wanted back up on the bed and that he loved me ...
Minnet just purred. Honey told me to put her down ... my back did too ... I have to weigh her today.

Have a good Thursday .. weekends coming !


I took Merlin to the vet who is a total jerk and charged me well over $100- for looking and talking for perhaps 3 minutes then walked out ... pretending he is really Dr Kildare ..

1 comment:

Linda deV said...

Happy Thursday to you too.

Hope all the kitties are doing purrfectly well soon.

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