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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Update on Merlin

My sweet boy had a (not uncommon) reaction to Hartz Mountain Flea Drops ...
To be sure he doesn't catch fleas from the outside when he is on the lanai ..otherwise, he is never out of the house and his feet never touch the grass / ground.

I put   flea drops on him because he is on the lanai and there are no solid walls, just screens .. You never know. . I thought it better to be safe than sorry.
I woke up to find my sweet beautiful cat with a bald spot where the drops went on and raw red skin .. he was not very happy and I was heartbroken, guilty feeling and very worried.
Merlin is old ... over 11 - right now I forgot exactly how old he is . He is in great shape, just don't put flea poison on his back.

The vet was pleasant and at least informative- Merlin got a shot and I am not to give him flea drops ever again.
FLEA COLLARS !!!!! Wear a flea collar ...

So he got his shot, which worried me and he is now home and resting .. and so am I.
I don't remember worrying like this when my children were small and had to see a doctor ...
Yeah, I know I did and I was always thinking the worst that could happen but the cat is like having an infant .. they can't tell you what they feel or how they feel or where it hurts ..
I speak a little Cat though so today I had it figured out quickly ... most lame brains can figure this one out.

Flea and Tick drops ... are poison. It is absorbed into their skin and they repel or kill fleas and ticks  ..
But but ... it is a cat, a living breathing cat that you have now squirted poison onto his skin.

We are lucky ... it didn't kill him ...  He got his expensive shot of cortisone and now he is napping.
My sweet beautiful boy ... who got a shot, felt like crap and still purred when I whispered in his ear that I love him   ~
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Unknown said...

So glad he is ok. We do worry about our feline kids, don't we?

NotesFromAbroad said...

Yes, we do. He is sleeping on my bed, I keep checking on him ... I love that old cat so much.
Minette checks on him and Honey is staying close too ... we all love Merlin very much.
I was so glad to hear him purring when I checked on him ... he heard my voice and began to purr <3

NotesFromAbroad said...

I found out tonight that the spray meds are for dogs only ... this vet is trying to kill my cats ?
So tomorrow I am going to see him and find a new vet ... thank goodness I was reading the label to see just what the stuff is ..

Rosemary said...

I can imagine just how awful you must feel about dear old Merlin, but thank goodness he is on the mend again.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Poor Merlin. I hope he heals quickly.

The only flea product I have ever used on my cats is Advantage. That is only in the summer months when the fleas are present. I have never had any problem but it sounds like Merlin might be allergic. If it becomes a problem again maybe you could compare the ingredients.

It is so hard when our feline friends are ill.

NotesFromAbroad said...

This was Frontline .

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