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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday Morning Threat

Merlin is sleeping, uncomfortable I think but still purring ( which could be because of pain) but resting.
I look at him and that wound on his neck and my blood boils and I make phone calls.
I controlled myself ... I only used the "sue" word once.

He has a terrible burn on his neck from the "medicine" the doctor told me to use.
He immediately lost all the hair from the skin that was touched by this crap.
He is or was in pain and now he is sleeping .. He is old and naps a lot, he is, after all, a cat ... but he will, I hope, wake up in no pain and much happier.

I, on the other hand, would like to do something drastic to the vet ... like maybe spray some of that crap on his head ... but I will control myself.

I could not control myself with the phone call though.
I called and told the girl on the phone right away that I was talking about the vet and not her so please do not be offended or hurt by what I am going to say ....
That the vet has no clue what he is doing, that he could have killed my cat ... that he is not only inept and stupid but he is dangerous if he treats all his "patients" in such an ignorant and careless way,.
That he should be very happy that my cat is improving .. that I am not preparing a suit against him .. because that will happen if this beloved cat dies from this ignorant POS treating him with some totally unnecessary drug .. a drug that is used in chemotherapy ... on a cat with a dry skin patch.
An old Himalayan cat who means the world to me.

My daughter works for a team of attorneys ...  this is my threat today.
Let's hope Merlin is happy and comfortable this afternoon and from now on ...

me ... on the warpath ... it won't be pretty.
This is not pretty either .. the back of Merlins neck ..


liparifam said...

Yes, two thing I know:

Those liquid flea and tick meds can be dangerous! I put one brand on my cat Lucy, and her personality was changed for days!! Her eyes were glassy, she wouldn't let me touch her, and hid under the furniture - and this is the most affectionate, outgoing cat you can imagine. I was really scared I'd done her permanent damage, but she reverted to normal after a few days. I switched to another brand, and she seems fine with that. Another time, I tried a different brand on my dogs, and Emma had diarrhea and vomited. They take a tablet now.

Vets certainly don't always know what's best. I won't elaborate on the times during my years of pet ownership that that has proved to be the case, but it's a fact :(

Sending out all good vibes to poor Merlin!

Linda deV said...

I had a friend who purchased flea control from a vet for his cat. Unfortunately, they gave him the dog version and it did nearly kill the cat. Grrrrrr!

NotesFromAbroad said...

lol, Linda... thanks for the encouraging words ..

AK Coldweather said...

Poor kitten! I do hope he recovers soon.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Merlin is sleeping and eating and seems to be feeling ok
Tomorrow will tell if he is ok or needs to see a doctor
Not the same one we just saw.
Fingers crossed!!

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