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Friday, December 1, 2017

Florida - You Never Know Who Is At The Door

Ha ! and I thought all I had to worry about was the green snake that wants to come hang out on the lanai .. Yes, there are coyotes and large and small birds and everything else you imagine might live in Florida ... they do warn us that there are alligators that get into our pond ... right in the middle of a gated community in the city .. but apparently, alligators have no respect for gates.

This makes me rethink the cats alone on the lanai during the day - makes me rethink walking to the mailbox ! sure there is a paved road .. sidewalks .. but also a forest and lake and well ... maybe a gator  or two ... shudder.

Can you imagine ?


liparifam said...

Bwahahahahaha! Reminds me of the moose situation in Alaska when my sister lived there...

NotesFromAbroad said...

I assume your sister had to deal with Bears and not Alligators ? lol

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