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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So What Else Is New ?

Today is grey and dreary and cool .. chilly almost. The cats are napping ..I know, so what else is new?
Wanderlust has hit hard ... I know, so what else is new ?
A typical Summer day in Upstate New York. That was my view from the house, every room was all windows and glass so I lived in rooms that were almost the same as being outside. It was best in Summer. Autumn was pretty fine too although most of my trees were evergreens. But beyond that line of trees was miles and miles of corn fields.
There were dairies in the area, cows need to be fed.
In Autumn, the combines had been through, the fields were flat but there were millions of birds day after day, picking up all the corn that was left on the ground.
I saw 2 ... yes, 1 is a miracle to me and I saw 2 Murmurations !!
Imagine, standing in the grass yard, looking at the sky and suddenly it is filled with thousands of blackbirds making a huge sound ... when they fly it is as a cloud .. I believe they are starlings but not positive.
I just know that a gazillion of them came to the fields behind our house, resting and carrying on in my trees, twice ... once is in my opinion, a miracle, twice had me boggled.
I had only seen a Murmuration on a video online that is fabulous, 2 girls in a rowboat on a still lake or waterway of some sort ... when the birds came ... it is truly miraculous to watch it all from beginning to end. Quiet, no birds .... birds and birds and noise and birds .... they leave ... quiet, no birds. All of the trees on my property were full of noisy black birds .. all those trees you see here in this photo plus some.
Yes, after being away from there, being isolated and alone here in the middle of all these people and still alone, I am appreciating what I had .. what I would like to have again.
Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring ... I would like to enjoy those again .. I want to go to the Orchards and get a bushel of apples and smell the house up with baking scents.
I want to go for walks on crisp fall days. I want to visit friends and have a laugh and absolutely go visit my hairdresser and get this hair cut off and styled again !


  1. Very evocative post. I can feel how much you miss NY.

  2. Thank you, I miss Buenos Aires too :) I wonder which one will win ~


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