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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday ...

This is not what I will be doing this weekend but , well, you know who in my house will be doing this. All of them !
Merlin continues to ... live. He stays in the little cat cocoon and he eats and drinks but he stays in his little cat cave. My heart breaks when I think about life without Merlin.

Right now I have sweet Honey napping by my chair and Minette is probably under my bed, keeping an eye on her brother Merlin. They are very close. We are all very close. It is a sad time.
I am tired of Sad Times.

I am spending today getting my clothes together ... summer/winter/old/new.
Of course I ordered some goodies on Anthropology.
They should be here in a few days .
I will look like a well dressed Hippie.

I will get my hair cut in NY by my old ( she is young) haircutter ... she is worth waiting for.
So I have a ponytail all the time. Who cares ? not me.

Actually, that is my new attitude.
It is only important if it matters to me. I have put in  too many years of caring and gotten nothing back. And when there is anything miniscule that comes back, it is spoiled soon enough by someone too big for their britches.

Time for people to learn that your actions and your words will come back to haunt you.
In all kinds of ways.

So for now, I am going through the pre packing stages of emptying things and throwing things out and making bags for charity pick up.

I do this every year, when it is time to change the closets for the next Season ... clothes go into bags and those go to Goodwill or whatever is available. Let my clothes have a new life and bring someone else warmth and perhaps even a bit of style :)

Handbags and shoes too.

So if you should think of me today- that photo will not be me.
Now I have to go drag Merlin out of his cat  cave and have a little love fest with him.
I have no way of knowing how many days we have left together so they will all be full of Love.

TGIF y'all !


  1. Ohh, shoes and handbags - you are brave.
    Shoes I can mostly be ok with. Handbags- that's so hard, even if I don't use them anymore.
    Kiss the furry babies for me :)


  2. I hope Merlin has many years left.


    Oh from your mouth to Gods ears ! Thank you Unknown :)

  3. I know what you are going through. My dearest girl who is now blind and incontinent is sleeping more and more. My heart is sad. She is a pistol still. And anticipates her walks with enthusiasm.The other two guide her around and lay with her, groom her and snuggle. They know. Blessed are the animals.

  4. Oh how heartbreaking and sweet that the other 2 guide her and groom her and love her. I hope she continues on for a while longer, it is so hard to say goodbye.
    besitos to you and the kitties.

  5. Merlin must read the blog. He was seen chasing a much younger kitty down the hall recently
    If he can hold and and stay with me a few more years, I would be sooo thankful.
    So would Minette. Honey is just happy to be fed and loved, and the old cat doesn't steal her food .. .


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