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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thank you

I think we all have little moments here and there in our lives where someone said something and it just hung there, in the air between you, like a smelly little dark cloud ... the person you least expected to be cruel or unkind or just plain stupid, blurted out something that try as they might, they couldn't grab those words and shove them back into that big mouth , from where they came...

I admit I have said things, blundered when trying to say something funny, kind, complimentary etc.

But I can truthfully say, I have never told a friend, someone who is mourning a death ..

that they " wear their mourning like a cloak" ...

Now perhaps she was trying it out for a new Harlequin Romance she wanted to write.

Or she considered herself worthy of a Dear Abby sort of tabloid sheet ... or sh*t .. whichever you prefer.

Especially when you think this person has dealt with drug addicted offspring and her own feelings of Keeping Up With The Joneses .. Always trying, never quite achieving .. it must make a person bitter.

So here I am .. Counting My Blessings.
Not whining to those here reading who I know have huge huge hearts and are brimful of kindness.
Not taking for granted the sweet words that are sent to me still, from far away places and people I have never actually met .. who say Just The Right Thing at the right moment.

I thank you all for your kindness, your sweetness, your common sense and your attempts at being helpful, even when I am stubborn, angry and b*tchy .. I know I am not a nice person all the time, none of us are ... but I do try to be more nice than not nice.
Sadly for me and the rest of us , there are those who struggle to be nice just now and then.
What a lonely life they must lead.

So Thank You Every One Of You for your Sweet, Kind and Helpful and often Funny notes to me to keep my spirits up, keep me smiling more than looking glum and the cats thank you too.
Because , you know cats, they are not thrilled with weeping moms who walk around the house, burying their face in that cat's hair ... then going out to the market and then discovering that they are totally covered in cat hair.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
The above is from Minette, Merlin and Honey.
And Thank you, from me.


  1. When you are in such horrible pain, you have no internal resources. I love the memories of Buenos Aries it must bring you some measure of comfort

  2. Thank you so much, MaryAnn .. it is good for me to remember all those good times and in the remembering of a certain time, other memories pop up that were forgotten.
    I also daydream of a return visit so it keeps me reminded of all the things I want to see again and do again.

  3. Pay no mind to those who can't allow you the process you so deserve and to those who judge and say harsh things, perhaps you have never been in a situation of profound loss and change and you certainly have never walked in Candice's shoes. . Let her find her way and her pace. Let her remember the wonderful years and her love. Let her love on her animals that she has rescued. Let her find gain what she needs to fill a void so large you can't imagine it. I know her from this blog and I know she has the courage to try and move ahead, and I also know she has the right to mourn for as long and however she pleases. So piss off and leave her alone

  4. Razmataz. beautifully and perfectly put ... thank you so much.
    I especially like the piss off and leave me alone part.

    The cats send their love. So do I.


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