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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


If you used to live here, wouldn't you get homesick once in  awhile, wherever you live now ?

This is called La Isla. It is the top of a small hill, the British Embassy is facing these buildings, the parks are spread out below... my back was to those parks.
The buildings are wonderful, the amazing Public Library is nearby and it is actually quiet and peaceful, in the heart of the amazing beautiful city of Buenos Aires.


Vagabonde said...

Yes if I had lived there I certainly would be homesick. These buildings look like buildings that could be in my home town of Paris – and I am homesick for my city, too. These are cities were people are enthusiastic and walk in the streets, are not always in their cars. You can live many years in the US and never know your neighbors. When I had my pneumonia during Christmas 2015 and my husband of course could not drive me to the doctor because of his Alzheimer, there was not a single neighbor I could have called for help, and did not. In Paris, even though it is a large city, each little quarter is like a little town, and many people know each other and help each other. My mother lived downtown Paris and if she did not open the shutters from her window a neighbor would call to see if she was all right. Here you hear of old people who have died and no one noticed for weeks… I am sure that Buenos Aires is more like Paris than cities in the US.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Vagabonde, it is a fabulous mix of Paris with Italian touches and some British thrown in for good measure :)

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