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Thursday, December 29, 2016

High Hopes

Just yesterday, I was sitting outside with the cats , well not Out side but on the lanai , we are safely screened in with a big fan and everything ... and I was contemplating my situation.
My landlord is a delight. Kind, helpful, good sense of humor and a gentleman. My neighbors are mostly invisible, which makes a good neighbor at times.
The views are good, the sound quality is good and I feel fairly safe ..unless there really are bears in those woods !

My daughter and her son live nearby which has been a delight.
It is easy for her to stop by and visit, we get along well, quite a few giggles can be heard .. she is extremely helpful ... so much so that I have to be careful, I could sit back and just let her take care of Everything.
But I don't and I won't and I am just glad we get to see each other.

Her son is busy with school and friends but he was always a sweet cheerful boy .. hopefully he can remain that way and not lose his niceness when he matures, some day.

Last night after she had gone home from visiting me, I was daydreaming about a Girls Trip to Somewhere. She loves Belgium, she has a friend there, I know someone there .. she did a road trip in Europe once with her son .. She had a great time .. it tempts me to try something like it.
Just the two of us girls ... laughing and driving and asking for directions .. Maybe we would film it, the next "European Vacation" ...  Or a PBS special ... Two Twits on the Road .. sorry S... you aren't a twit but it makes a good title.

Her son can stay home and take care of the cats and do his homework ..
A lot of people still don't realize that this is one of the big reasons to have children.
They can stay home and feed the cats.
They can run to the market when you forget something.
They can grow up and find their own home and have their own life.
Hopefully before they are in their 30s lol

Yes, while she and I are still in our 30s .. we should go on a Big Adventure .. I might work on her, see how she would like Buenos Aires .. I can see it now, giggles , nothing but giggles.


  1. A girls road trip in Belgium sounds a hoot and a half. Good material for your blog too.

  2. LOL ! Brilliant ... It will go under the heading of Research For the Blog ...
    A Tax Write-off :)

  3. Terra, there is a strong possibility that a Road Trip of some sort is in the future and probably just the cats and I will be taking that trip. Getting the blog back to its roots you might say.

  4. I think you need to go much further south than my southern neighbour, lovely country that it is, but if you do make it to Belgium I am just a tad further (north) east, about 2 hours drive away!

  5. heti, if I go in that direction, I will be sure you are the first to know :)
    Road trip, plane trip, I am getting ready .. mentally at the moment ... and no, I have not told the cats yet.
    Too many opinions, they will all have a favorite place to go .. sheesh .. you know cats, always bossy.


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