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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Yesterday there was a nice man here installing more machines to suck the water out of the walls and ceilings.
Today, he removed them all.
The cats and I were so very thankful.
Although I think Merlin was not quite aware of anyone even being here, he just enjoyed the warmth of that loud fan.
We all slept in my bed, hid in the bedroom as much as we could. We went out on the lanai and watched the sky change.

Now there will be a hurricane in the vicinity.
My daughter and grandson, all of our cats and I .. will be staying at her new place.
Air beds, picnics on the floor, hopefully no power outage and no flooding. Here or there.

Funny, when I was here before with my husband, this happened.
We sold the house and moved to Portland, Oregon. Hmmmm.

All morning I watched my neighbors load their cars up and leave.
That is a weird feeling. To see everyone leave and just be left standing there ...

So that is the story so far.
I will post here when I can. A sort of You Are There Live !! hurricane reporting.
And my hope is that this is the last time I have any reporting to do on a hurricane.
You can hit me on the head only so many times before I get the point.


  1. I'm so glad your daughter is there. You could always head to Naples. My kitties and I would love to have you all.

  2. Wu, I am giving a lot of thought to where I want to live next. I will keep Naples in mind.

  3. . . . . . .just don't return to NC dear Candice - you know how we may get hit also!

    I often wonder if there is a perfect spot to live in this vast world - one that is safe from natural disasters, has a wonderful climate, kind and honest people, scenery to admire, clean, healthy, with good food and wine etc.

    That's a good subject/question for a blog post!
    Be safe - stay at the ready just in case, but I think/hope we'll all be OK and will not have to camp in the bathtub!

    Mary x

  4. Stay safe, you and S. & Z. and the kitties.

  5. Watching the news about the Hurricane from BA now and thinking of you. Stay safe Candice!
    Un beso,

  6. Thinking of you and hoping you and the cats, and your family come through without any damage. Stay safe.


  7. Good luck to you and your family. We are hunkering down in the Orlando area. I think we are ready...or as ready as one can be.

  8. I am so glad to hear you will be with your daughter.
    Keep safe. I hope the nice man doesn't have to come back ad dry it all out again after Matthew has past by.
    Thinking of you, and everyone in it's path.

  9. I'm relieved to know you and the cats are staying with your daughter, and hoping there isn't too much wind and surf.
    Stay safe !

  10. please stay safe and check in when you can.

    I saw the images from the space station - TOO SCARY!

  11. Stay safe. I am glad you have a safer place to stay.

  12. I hope you and your family stay safe through the hurricane. xo

  13. Dearest Candice,
    Hope all of your loved ones, including the kitties will be safe!

  14. Thinking about you and hoping you are all safe. No hurricanes here in San Diego, but we could have a mega-earthquake any time now. So they say.

  15. It was a non event. Wind, with blue skies and nice cool breezes after. No damage that we heard of .. no flooding .. a little tree in the forest behind my home went down .. that was about it from here .
    And I am thankful for it. No news in this matter , is good news for me :)


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