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Saturday, October 8, 2016

And Things That Go Bump In The Night

The last time I lived in Florida, my husband and Tate were with me. There was a hurricane warning. Then right on top of that, came warnings about Tornados. I am terrified at the idea of a Tornado.
There is no staying and riding in out .. putting your things out of harm's way .. nailing down the shutters. Your house is finished it that thing hits it.
You have to have your Emergency kit ready to go ..

This happened suddenly. Or perhaps I ignored/blocked out the idea of a Tornado  word when they used it on the news.

I got all heart pounding dry mouthed anxious and weepy. And that was just with the news .

My daughter called and said pack your bag and the cats and come to my house.

Now never mind that her house is exactly like my house and very close ... but the best would be that we would be together, I would not be alone here terrified and explaining Hurr -I -Cane  to a cat. Or worse, Tor Na Do.

So I packed everyone up and off we went .. There was no real sign that things were going to get bad, weatherwise .. grey and breezy and quite nice. Also quiet.
Most people know what to do and when to do it and they were long gone.

My daughter has not fully moved into her new home. The kitchen was almost finished, there just was no furniture.
I looked around the neighborhood and knew that everyone had left, they weren't dummies, they packed the kids, cats and dogs and went to Grandma's house up North ..
And here, poor daughter, has Grandma and her cats at the door, with that white panicked face and shaky hands ...

The cats were not sure how they felt about any of it but they were thankful to be sleeping with me.
They saw my daughter's cat. They were not quite sure about it .... What is that thing ??
He is a Persian. His name is Habibi .. Beebs for short. He is beyond adorable, with his summer cut and big eyes.
I think Merlin was a little jealous. When I was holding him and loving him, he said something really crabby and frowned at me.

It continued to get more windy and the sky got dark early in the day ... very dark as the day went on.
I wondered what it would look like but was determined not to be able to see it ... I would be under a lot of things. With cats.

And then ... it was here ... quiet and calm one minute, then the tops of the trees were thrashing around and whipping back forth and it was loud and kind of made your ears feel like they needed to pop.
Then it rained even harder and I could clearly hear my daughter say, OK, it's gone now.

No sight of a girl with a little dog .. a witch on a broom ... just black clouds on a summer day then blue skies again.

It was horrible in the fear I felt, insecure through and through, but amazing and nothing like what felt like a near death experience to make a person grateful for a sunny day and a house that is all in one piece and family alive and well.

The kitties came home with me this morning.
We all miss being at my daughter's house.


  1. SO glad you rode things out without incident. You and the cats (and your daughter) were very brave.

  2. lol, anne marie, sometimes when I manage to do well or get through something tough, I stop and think to myself that I am amazed at myself, I don't know how I managed as well as I did.

    Marty, Thank you ~My daughter is the brave one. The cats and I huddle together meowing and being pitiful until someone comes to help us. <3

  3. Glad all worked out for you and that your area has fared OK. Neighbors tell me our power is still out - dreading the frozen food going off!

  4. To those who think that I should live with my daughter ....

    1- she has her own life and son and friends.

    2- I have my own life and she and I are only 17 years apart in age so I really don't think I need to go live with her yet LOL

    3- IF she wants to move to Buenos Aires with me, she can live with me if she wishes.


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