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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hurricane Watch

You know, I love going to the ballet and watching those dancers !
I enjoy a Polo match in Buenos Aires, watching those men on those horses ...sigh ~
I love watching a good movie ... Almodovar comes to mind.
I can sit and watch my grandbaby ( he isn't such a baby anymore) doing what little boys do with such concentration and imagination ..
I can sit and watch my grandson have a discussion with his mom ... he definitely is no baby anymore.
I probably watch the cats all day... there is always something going on when you have 3 cats, one very young, one about the same age and until recently having been an only (child) cat ... and the one old one .. fragile, easy going, gorgeous but not into the young girl cat spats .. so I watch out for him.

The ONE thing I have no wish for, no desire for .... a Hurricane Watch.
This is nothing I ever want to participate in.
This is something that I left Florida for , years ago.
And my husband was with me then, he made me laugh, bringing me a drink and snacks while I sat in the bathtub, no water, fully dressed, having read that it was a Safe Place ..

Now it is all up to me.
I have 3 cats to protect and all I can think of is what if the house collapses on us , there is nowhere to drive to .. there is no one I know to visit that I could get to before the storms hit here.
Everything I have is here with me in this condo .. and there is a Hurricane Watch.

When this season is over and the weather turns cooler and so pretty, everyone forgets times like this.
I still remember times like this - a time - and I had my husband to share it with.
Sharing with cats really isn't the same thing.
I don't want to live like this. I don't care if everyone in Florida lives like this and likes it anyway.

Let us all hope and pray that it fizzles out and is just a bad rain storm for a few days ...

The cats want to know who gets to ride in the front seat when we GetTheHellOuttahere ...


  1. We're nervous too Candice and we have to fly out of here for Calif. on Sat. morning!!!

    Fingers crossed for everyone along the east coast. I so dislike the hurricane season, in fact i'm growing to dislike all seasons in this neck of the woods. NC is not what it used to be perhaps - or is it just me getting old and more nervous about trees falling on our little cottage, the roof blowing off, and the cars floating away. Then there's the loss of power for lengthy periods - perhaps the bathtub is safe, however mine is upstairs under the roof so I may bed down in the walk-in shower downstairs if it gets scary!

    Stay safe - hope we all get off lightly this time.
    Check my cat pics today - they don't have such worries in the African bush!
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Mary, I know .... my brother still lives in NC and has built a few homes, 2 in the mountains .. I should ask if the cats and I can rent from him ! :)
    I think it is just you .. like it is just me. There were hurricanes when I was a kid but who cared ? I was never worried or afraid about weather issues. Now storms scare me .. in NY I was buried in snow for weeks at a time. Sometimes it is no fun being a grown up.
    My bathtub is upstairs too. I have a bathroom downstairs lol the car in the attached garage .. a forest a few feet from the back of my home .. I have no idea about water , I don't think we are in a flood zone though.. but with wind, you can't really hide.
    I might be looking at airfares :)

  3. Praying you will be safe from any harm, and let's hope it just fizzles out.
    I will be keeping my fingers crossed !

  4. High winds, flooding, are the latest warnings. I am SO not happy. I wish I was in Buenos Aries right now.


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