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Monday, October 3, 2016

Throwing in the Towel

I threw a couple of towels and some nightgowns into the wash and went to the lanai and made sure everything was neat and tidy then back into the house to send some emails. While sitting here, I heard this sound ... it was familiar .. I walked out of the room and stepped onto soaking wet carpet.

Yes... again. Another washing machine flood.

This time, thank goodness, I was here and knew what to do ... sort of.

I turned off the machine, pulled out the plug, put every towel in the house on the carpet and mopped up the laundry room floor.
Then I called the owner ... who is not in the country ... but he is sending those very nice people who will dry out the carpets and make it livable again, fast.
He will also buy me / the condo , a new washing machine.

The cats are annoyed, they stepped on wet carpet, it ruined their whole week.

I am annoyed, not as upset as before but I had plans to do things this week ... sitting around a house with soggy wet carpets, washing machine removal and deliveries, ( if that even happens that fast) and no cinnamon rolls.
If I had a cinnamon roll , I would not be so cranky.
Now I will need a whole package of them to get over this.
You know what I mean.

And there is an out of town guest that can't be a guest now.

 Minette is howling.
Merlin is napping.
Honey is napping.

I think I am going to be looking at real estate. I am not howling ... yet.


anne marie in philly said...

UGH! at least you have a responsive landlord.

and the cats just must NOT get their paws wet!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Landlord is out of town but yes, he is super. I felt very bad about telling him what happened.
I can't stand the noise of the machines . Like airplanes warming up on the tarmac :(

NotesFromAbroad said...

Just had a little cry and now thinking of what to do today,
Things are still wet and the ugly loud machines stay here until Mon ... with all the tubes hanging from the ceiling .. making it impossible to watch tv or cook because it is partly kitchen ceiling.
So I am a very unhappy camper right now.

MyriamC said...

Oh dear!
Just think ... this, too, shall pass.

NotesFromAbroad said...

I have adjusted to the noise and sight of the drying machines/fans but now with the threat of a hurricane coming to an area nearby, I cannot get my mind to settle on one catastrophe or another ... washing machine leak/hurricane .. hmmmm.

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