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Friday, September 2, 2016

She Came and She Went

Oh that Hermine .. she was a sly one. No word of her, no hint she might want to visit, then suddenly that is all everyone could talk about.
Then she went from a "Tropical storm" to a bonafide "Hurricane" and they couldn't stop talking about her.
So much so that I was up late, talking madly to cats, frantically moving too heavy garden furniture into the living room, off the patio ... closing all shades and doors to rooms that were not going to be used for a day or so .. making my bedroom into Hurricane Avoidance Central.

This is the place you go to and know there is a Safe Place if things get scary .. My bathroom is huge and has a separate room inside it for the toilet and a closet for towels and linens and room for a terrified city slicker and her cats.

Minette is all eyes and ears and looking at everything.
Merlin is just sleepy and slow and purrs when I say his name.
Honey, my newly inherited baby cat ,the size of a small dog ..  doesn't want to be picked up, doesn't want to stay inside, doesn't want to share ... you know how that goes .. there is always one difficult child who just wants to be difficult.

So I made everyone Come To Bed With Mama and prayed for the best.

We all slept through the night like babies/kittens.
We all mosied downstairs when we made sure there were no odd noises, no storm sounds .. just quiet.

The inside of our home is perfectly fine ..
The lanai was wet in places where the rain blew in.
All furniture had been moved inside so it was a matter of letting the sun/wind dry it all and I dragged everything back out there and the cats joyously hopped onto their favorite pillows on their favorite chairs and took naps.

I just sat there and appreciated the sight of all those tall trees, still standing.
The sight and sound of a peaceful forest full of small creatures and the sun shining on all of it.

Big fat fluffy white clouds have come and gone all day.
Cats have napped/ are napping, I have managed to lower my stress levels by just being here, watching them, listening to the wind and watching the clouds skid across the blue blue sky.

Once again, All is well that ends well.


  1. I was thinking about you when I heard it was heading your way :(
    Glad you were spared. I'm in Naples and we had "her" for a few days when she was just called "9" or something like that. No damage just rain , rain, and more rain.
    Love to you Dear One and of course the kitties too.

  2. Yay, cats and mama survived in your safe place and lanai things can dry out now.

  3. Terra, thank you :) I tried to leave a comment on your Possum post :) but I am having difficulties with the Chrome/Safari thing ..
    so here is my comment regarding that post :0

    I grew up in North Carolina and possums were a pain in the neck. They fight and get into the garbage and generally annoy the grownups :) I liked them. They do carry fleas and all kinds of dirty stuff and those teeth are terrible so look at them from distance and beware, they can carry rabies.
    And yes, they are so often RoadKill .. sad .. I would rather think they were Playing Possum than dead ..

  4. glad to hear all is well in FL; it's a gorgeous day in philly!


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