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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hurricane Hermine

Hermine has been much talked about , at least on local news channels. I started to limit how much I listened to, trying not to get too anxious and afraid.
I live in a new home that should be up to all kinds of codes but it is also full of windows, walls of glass. With a pine tree forest out there ... tall pines.

The cats are not behaving like an animal that senses danger.
LOL ...
Nor am I.

I made sure all my plants and pots and furniture were inside, the patio / lanai is bare and empty and very confusing to a certain old cat who likes to go out, drink from the antique bird bath, that has become his favorite water source . His favorite chair is not there for his morning nap. One of his morning naps. Where is everything ?
He looks at me as if he has been betrayed and he slowly comes back in the house, bereft .. no matter how much explaining I do .. the word Hurricane means nothing ...
He just wants things to be exactly the same as always ... that makes him feel secure.

Minette is her usual little powerhouse, zooming around, checking on things, figuring out that the food in Merlins dish is better than hers ... the same exact identical food.. so she eats her breakfast and waits for the opportunity to dive into everyone else bowls too. Gorgeous little piggy.

And Honey ... Honey might be the size of a small dog but she has beautiful table manners.
She eats , then goes to take a nice bath and nap. She leaves everyone else alone and is grateful for a small snuggle or kisses .. then a nice nap.
She has learned what the important things in   life are.

I will just hope my power stays on, nothing falls on the condo and everyone stays safe...


  1. Dearest Candice,
    We hope that for all people in Florida and Georgia... WE only got the rains and rough weather but no damage thank goodness.
    Be safe and the animal instinct is telling us a lot...

  2. Hope all goes well?


  3. Thanks Mym !
    So far, we seem to be just getting a bit of wind and clouds. I am not happy about any of this but maybe it will not happen. the cats are bored. :)

  4. Hi again Candice ...... I think that it was a really bad storm at Lake Powell ..... it was so bad that we had to hold onto something otherwise we would have been blown over !!!! Cars were turned over and the locals said they had never seen anything like it .... it was scary !!
    Take care and be safe. XXXX

  5. I hope you're past the worst of it by now and the more important things in life can get back on track - i.e. the cats' lives continued without all this DISRUPTION! ;0)


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