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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I Want To Go Back ....

I want go back to Buenos Aires !
I want go shopping and see friends and family and buy shoes and listen to the music in the park and shop and eat helado ... chocolate helado ..

I need to see old friends.
 I need to see new things that have happened, been built, been removed, changed in the City.
I need to hear the music, wherever I go.
I need to spend a Sunday in the Feria in Recoleta, taking photos, listening in and seeing how much I still understand, enjoying myself.

I need to take a solitary walk through the Recoleta Cemetery.

I need to visit the places where my husband and I spent our time, enjoyed our lives, made such wonderful memories.

My list keeps growing, things to do, places to go, people to see ....

Music ... I need to hear the music. All you have to do is walk down a street, there will be music coming from somewhere .. I want to go to a concert .. I will stop and listen to the street musicians.
I will buy more to have for the days and years to come.

Food ... there really isn't any particular food that I miss. The helado (ice cream) is pretty good, the scones from our neighborhood bakery ( L'Epi ) were wonderful as was anything else they made ..
I would like a pizza. I don't like pizza. But I loved the thin crust pizza in Buenos Aires.

I would like to go to Felix ... Felix opened a tiny , really, tiny ... restaurant in Recoleta .. we walked over there in the afternoon, made reservations, went to the park with Pup.. had a lovely day .. that evening we had a nice walk to Felix where we ate a wonderful dinner and slowly walked home through the streets, late at night, with people still out in cafes and walking and enjoying the evening.

I want to buy shoes. I loved buying shoes in BA .. I love buying them anywhere but BA was so fun.
I am wearing my red ballet flats as I type.

I want to go to Puerto Madero. Sit at a table outside in one of the many cafes along the Waterfront.
Admire the city, the amazing skies and just soak it up, listen to the voices and languages and music.
Wherever you go .. there is the music.

I want to go to some of the places where we never got to visit, in all those years, we kept saying, next week or next month and time flew by and we never did it ..
I want to go back to San Isidro on a Sunday. To the Feria and mostly to take a walk in the area .. we talked about living there if we ever got proficient enough in Castellano.

I want to go to Tigre and go out on a riverboat. Just be out on the water for a few hours ..
See the homes above the water, see the birds ... Just Be There.

I daydream of renting a place, flying down with the cats and being a part timer.
I daydream about renting a place, flying down with the cats and deciding to stay.
Or at least come back and pack, then go back home to BA.

I think I will be taking classes soon .. I want to be better at my Castellano, even if I only get to go there one time for a few weeks ... It would be better for me, being alone .. I was never there alone.
But I won't really be alone, I have friends there ..
I used to be one of the people who lived there..


  1. You are so courageous. By all means, go. In all the time I have been reading your blog, BA has occupied a special place in your heart. Yes, you lived there with your husband and Tate, and it was special to you all. But it was more than that, and it seems to me that if it is to remain more than a locked-in-time memory, you have to reclaim it for yourself. I wish you all the best. Mary

  2. There's no time like the present.

  3. You have many beautiful memories of Buenos Aires and I think you will return to make more.

  4. Why don't you take a holiday and revisit all of the things that you long to do? Leave your beloved cats with a good carer, they would be fine, and have a relaxed, enjoyable time with some of your friends or just on your own when necessary.

  5. My plans for the visit are in the making. Still settling in here and finding my way around and waiting for my cat sitter to also settle down from a house move. So I am planning and I do look forward.

    Mary- Thank you for understanding.

    Terra .. thank you ! Yes, I will return. Most people do go back time after time to places they loved, whether they lived in those places or just went on holiday. I think visiting my friends there will be icing on the cake.

  6. Rosemary, we were friends with a man who owned apts that he rented to holiday people .. I am hoping he will have one available for me. If not, I will stay at a favorite aparthotel.

  7. Come back! We are having some awful weather at the moment but spring is around the corner. Autumn is also a perfect time to visit, if you can´t make it this year.
    In the meantime, I think you will love watching this:

    Un beso!

  8. Ahhh Sandra, after the past winters in NY, an awful BA winter would be a treat :)
    Thank you for the video, thank you for everything. love you.

  9. Go for it! Throw off the bow lines. It sounds like this is something you really NEED to do!


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