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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Insane Kitten Alert

She is totally insane. I can swoop her up, making her catch her breath and bounce on the bed with her and she just purrs louder. She is the most fearless little cat I have ever had. or met !
She loves hiding behind things and attacking .. now that there is a new cat in the house... she seems to be getting braver. She attacks poor Merlin the most.
Honey would just thump her and she would be sorry.
Honey weighs about as much as 3 Minettes.
And being a plump kitty, Honey is calm, sweet and loves to nap .. with the stairs here, she is getting more exercise than she ever had so I am hoping she will slim down some ... better for her!
She is here, by my foot, sleeping.
I inherited her.
She adopted me.
Minette and Merlin seem to be perfectly fine with the whole business.


  1. I love that crazy look in her eyes.

  2. LOL, I know ! I do too ... she just makes me laugh all the time.

  3. She's beautiful and funny - just like our Bib.
    We are still missing George...such sad faces still...

  4. Doormouse, our Pup Tate, died in Buenos Aires. He was older but not old enough but he had cancer.
    My heart just broke .. I have not wanted a dog since ... but soon, maybe, if the cats agree, a puppy might come to live with us.


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