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Monday, August 29, 2016

The H Word

Well, it has been said ... the "H" word ... Hurricane.

It is gorgeous out .. blue skies, bright sunshine, a wee bit of wispy clouds here and there.
But apparently a storm is on its way and they named the damned thing.

I refuse to listen to the weather and will not care what the storms name is ... I just want to see sunshine and blue skies and not one tree falling, not one roof tile flying by or a girl with a little dog in her arms ..

I have no basement.
I have no storm cellar or shelter.
I do have many large windows and glass doors.
I will get in the car with the cats in their crate and sit in the car , in the garage and talk to the cats and make plans on where we want to live next.

You know, in all the years we lived in Buenos Aires, there was no hurricane. Not one tornado.
It snowed for a few minutes the first winter we were there and it was magical ...
Imagine, a public holiday, the parks full of happy people, cold and raw and grey ... then a snowflake fell. I told my husband and he laughed at me. Then he saw one. Then other people saw them. Then everyone saw them .. laughing, catching snowflakes on tongues, showing babies the snow .. it was the best ...

I can live without seeing snow in Florida.
I can live with heat and humidity.
I left the land of year- long   winters with snow storm after snow storm.
But I cannot live with tornadoes... and I do not want to hear about hurricanes either.

Minette, go get your suitcase, bring Merlins too.


  1. It will be ok....if the H word happens. We're pretty used to them here on the East Coast. Just stock up on bottled water and non perishable food, and your choice of alcoholic beverage! (That's for dealing with the stress and also the boredom if the power goes out...) If you can invite friends over for candlelit card games, all the better!

  2. It will be fine. The weather people are desperate for a Hurricane so that they can stand in the surf and tell people how brave they are for doing so. Turn off the weather channel and relax. Don't let the 24/7 news cycle for weather make you crazy :)

  3. Having lived on the East Coast for most of my life, I am used to talk of Hurricanes yet not warnings .. we had them in NY once in a while too but nothing like being right here in Fl in the heart of weather things :)
    I am fine, I am not getting crazy .. crazier..

  4. Oh dear. I hope the H fizzles or takes a left turn.
    Funny. As a little girl I lived in Oklahoma for three years and there was never even a whisper of a tornado, but in 2011 my corner of Massachusetts enjoyed a tornado, small earthquake, corner of a hurricane, and a freak October snowstorm.
    Your plan of hunkering down in your garage sounds like a good idea.

  5. The H word would be scary to experience. Stay safe in your car with your kitties.

  6. Thank you dearlings..
    I bought things at the store that a person would always need, even if not worried about big winds and flooding rains.

    It is raining now. hard. ttfn ..

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed the hurricane chance will just stay out to sea and fizzle out.
    We live in a state that is constantly hit by tornados, I don't mind the heat and humidity, but tornados are deadly and life-changing events, a force to be reckoned with...
    Have a plan in place, I pray you'll be fine.

  8. Good wishes. Hurricanes never reach Scotland.

  9. Hoping you and your kitties are safe from the hurricane...

  10. Oh Candice .... I cannot imagine what it must be like , worrying about hurricanes !! We have experienced one in Utah on Lake Powell and a very viscious storm in Florida though so I know a little bit what it's like !!!!
    What I can never understand is how everyone moans about the UK weather but it's nothing like many countries. I'm watching the US Open in New York and it has been raining bucket loads ...... far more than you see at Wimbledon !!!!!
    Here's hoping the ' H ' fizzles out !! XXXX

  11. Jacqueline, I have never heard of Utah having a hurricane, ever. . Lake Powell or anywhere else in that state .. Hurricanes don't generally hit places where there is barely any rain.


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