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Sunday, August 28, 2016

I like it

You would have thought that I would have had some time adjusting to being here in Florida.
The weather first of all ... it has been gorgeous, not too hot and no rain. I know the hot and the rain are on the way but I see it as a change of scenery, not a punishment or ordeal to get through .. as I remember the way we felt when we lived here years ago.
I like it.

I love the nights with the stars bright in a very dark sky, with no city lights to interfere, no smog or dirty air to fuzz things up ... it is clear and blue in the day and clear and dark at night.
Yet I know I am not all alone on a country road, there are people living all around me.
 I like it.

The condo is lovely. It is perfect for someone who has come from large homes. Adjusting to living in an apartment can be a chore .. but this place seems as large as my NY house !
There is an upstairs and downstairs and attached garage and a very large/as large as the living room, lanai.
I walk out there, through glass doors in a glass wall that overlooks green green grass and a forest.
Pine trees and birds and a squirrel now and then and a surprise visit by a small armadillo.
I like it.

The cats are very happy here.
They have the sun to lie in , in their little kitty- cat comas of heat and contentment.
They have a large bed with Mama,  with a/c at night / and little cat beds all over the place.
There are a few bathrooms here and they all have litter boxes.
What more can a cat ask for ? They like it.

I can shower or soak in a tub in a choice of bathrooms.
I have a laundry room upstairs ( you know the one where the pipe broke and I had a flood downstairs - shuddering at the memory)
The garage is attached, the neighbors are so quiet I sometimes believe there really is no one else living here.. but then the empty headed man with the hysterical Toy Collie walks by and I know I am not completely alone on the planet.

My daughter is getting ready to move into her own new home.
Which is just about a walk from where I live ! It was not planned, it just happened.
I love where she is moving to and love that it resembles the way my condo is laid out too ..
While looking at her new home, I noticed the condos next door to hers ... they are very appealing to me. I have to get inside and see what the story is there .. they have that outdoor look of a cabin in the mountains .. dark wood .. porches with railings .. streetlights, trees .. part Disney and part Woodsy.
I like it.

I thought we were going to have bad weather courtesy of a fizzled out hurricane but the sky is bright blue with no clouds.
I guess I will make the beds and go to the market and then browse the shops .. I am in the mood to shop. It will get my mind off of my stiff back.

I guess the only adjustment I have had trouble with, is finding my way.
I get lost.
Most of the time.
I drove here alone from NY but I get lost finding the supermarket a few miles away.
Oh well. They deliver :) And I like that !

Today the cats will have their naps in peace and quiet, my back is too stiff to do anything but lay on the sofa and read a book.  I like that.


  1. I am so thankful that you are pleased and adjusting with your move to Florida. The Southern life is good. You will soon find your way to your favorite places to shop, dine and relax and not get lost anymore. But, sometimes, getting lost shows you treasures you did not realize were there :)

  2. Thank you and yes ! It is always an adventure, getting lost and making discoveries.
    But I hate that panicked feeling when I have Absolutely No Idea Where I Am lol

  3. You need a GPS to take you home. But, as noted above, that might take some of the fun out of it!

  4. So happy you are happy here.
    The Great Sunshine State Loves You xo

  5. Carol, I am afraid I would not understand the GPS and feel like a moron, and get lost. a Lost moron.

    Wu, bighugs !! Thank you .. :)

  6. The GPS will very patiently and soothingly say, "Re-calculating" when you go wrong and get you back on track. My Garmin is my friend in new and familiar places. I know the weather in Jax very well. A Pilates session once or twice a week will keep you stretched out and ease up that stiff back. It has kept me mobile thru hip replacement and other vagaries of maturity.

  7. I am really pleased that things have worked out so nicely for you Candice...
    I like that!
    Cheers to you...
    Linda :o)

  8. Oh yes, your must get a Garmin, and fast! It will be of great help and you will learn the way it works very quickly. Can't have you lost in Florida Candice!

    Glad things have worked out well and that you are happy there.

    Mary -


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