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Alan Cohen
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday morning with the Cats

Thursday morning ... second cup of coffee on the desk, cats napping because they woke up nice and early and started fussing and playing, just long enough to be sure I was awake, then they fell asleep and I lay there awake.
I heard noise ... water running ... heart pounding I sat up in bed ... listened .. was it rain ?
I looked out the window and there was water pouring out of somewhere, across the street, running out of their driveway and down the street. What in the world ? Poor people ... water issues now have the power to totally send me into panic mode.

The cats are now napping, seeing that I am out of bed, drinking coffee and at the desk.
Minette now wants to drink coffee with me.
I made the huge mistake of giving her a tiny bit of milk when pouring some into my coffee the other day.
She now begs for milk.
I have no one to blame but myself.

Merlin just squints and looks in my general direction and sometimes squeaks out a small rusty meow.
Of course, I drop everything and rush to do whatever he wants.
He is blissfully unaware of most things and content to be snuggled and to take long naps.
I adore him.

Honey is settling in to her new home, new siblings and new mama.
She weighs a ton and does not help my bad ( just temporary) back but I have to pick her up and snuggle her often.  she must be so confused.

 I was thinking, what is there to do today .... not much .. alone.
I still have not been to the beach. I got lost the last time I tried to take that drive so I have to wait until someone else feels like going ... I was able to drive alone with cats from New York State to Florida but I cannot find my way from my neighborhood to the beach here in Florida.

Well, time for more coffee. Will watch the Morning News  ... unless it is too depressing.
Then I will sit out in the already quite warm morning air on the lanai and chat with the cats, who love it out there, the warmer the better.


Anonymous said...

Love your cat photos! I also have three cats...all have unique personalities but they always want to be near me! I have a sun porch and have a bird feeder near by. I also put out Critter Food near one of the doors. Two of them are fascinated by anything that comes in to feed. Our new critter is a Chipmunk and he really sends them when he appears!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Anony, I had a little cat a long time ago who would make the funniest chattering noise when birds came to the feeder outside the kitchen window.
Minette is used to chipmunks and squirrels from the NY house - Merlin can't see that much and Honey is just a huge baby so I imagine her being the one to get excited about everything while Merlin yawns and Minette files her nails.

mom23 said...

I LOVE your blog! I find everything you write, be it about Argentina (which sounds beautiful), about your daily life, your cats, your new life in Florida. I love reading it all! I know I have told you this before, but I truly mean it. You are a very gifted writer and should consider writing a book(s). I enjoying seeing your photographs, all of them!
Looking forward to the next blog entry :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Oh Mom23 , thank you :) You are so kind !
My husband wanted me to write a book when we were living in Buenos Aires. I was overwhelmed by the idea of such a huge project and I was too busy being there :)
Now that I look back at it all, I like the idea of writing stories about it .. maybe I will .. someday :)
Now the photographs, I loved taking. I was never without my camera those days ..

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

"I cannot find my way from my neighborhood to the beach here in Florida"... Hmm... Just head east (or west or south, come to think of it). Just don't go north? (North might still work, I suppose, but maybe not until you reach Eskimo beach). I may not be a satnav but I try to help :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

You are so helpful Andrew .. it makes no sense. I drove here from NY State, but I get lost in my own neighborhood in Florida.
I never got lost in Buenos Aires ... hmmmm.

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