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Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Reminder

Someone said something about the posts and subjects on my blog and I just wanted to confirm here that while I do post about my present day life, in the very exciting and gorgeous state of Florida * a wee bit of sarcasm* I am writing a blog that is about My Life In Argentina.
So while I might be presently in the USA, my blog is still in Argentina.

I totally understand that some people might want to hear/read current stuff... there are a ton of blogs out there that can provide that.
My blog is my sort of journal, memories and people and places in Buenos Aires at a certain time and hopefully to be in the near future.

So I hope this clears up any confusion or questions anyone else might have.

Thank you Andrew ..


  1. Love the cats of today though! Purrr... :)

  2. Write whatever you want. I love reading it all.

  3. Thanks Andrew :)

    Aww. Angiemanzi, thank you !!


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