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Monday, July 18, 2016

A Sight to See

I miss the sight of Buenos Aires. I miss the walks where , even after living there for years ! I would stop and say Look at that ! or wait a minute and take another photo .
It was in Buenos Aires that I really started using my new camera.
Given to me by my husband. As he did all of the cameras I had through the years. My first camera was his old worn Nikon.  In one of my husbands previous lives, he was a photographer.
His work is on music album covers, an old Life Magazine and walls here and there.

He gave me that camera and only helped when I asked for it, he thought I had a gift for it and he watched and would give advice but he let me learn on my own, trial and error and I think I did better because of that.
I inherited his old Nikon that he took to India .. that he photographed some pretty popular people, some unknown people and showed me a world that I would have otherwise ignored.
That he was there, that he took those photos, made me all the more interested and awed by him.
He was a very quiet man but very expressive, soft spoken and so smart .. I never knew anyone to say or act like he was bored when my husband was speaking.

I have boxes of slides of photos taken in India and Rome and London. Then there are the photos, boxes of photos, Before Me, With Me, Before Babies, After Babies, Dogs, Cats, Houses, Trips, Friends, Family  ... all through the years.
It will take me years to put it all together in some sort of order.
Because I want to see those faces again.
I want to be able to put all of my years of my photos in order and add them.
I have some big job ahead of me.

So this tree was close to where we lived. I loved the colors of the old buildings and the trees.
The architecture in Buenos Aires is a wonderful mix of Art Nouveau .. Modern ... 50's Modern ...really really old South American style .. those I love .. with the big lobby with doors to the gardens in back .. usually that would be the Porters apt on that floor with him getting a garden while the rest of us got balconies.

And there are certainly plenty of balconies in Buenos Aires .. and gardens ... sights to see. be continued.


  1. I can't remember the name of a company I read about, maybe on Design Mom or a A Beautiful Mess blog, but you can send them a box of photos, slides, negatives etc, and they will digitize it all for you, so that you can put it all online or store on your computer or make into a photo book.

    I found this link online for one company. Although pricey it seems like a good option if you have lots on a variety of media.


  2. Years ago when we lived in Portland Oregon, we took boxes of slides and had them made into video.
    You reminded me .. it is a great idea. Thanks !


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