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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Friday, July 1, 2016


Should I call it Fat Friday ? Feline Friday ? Funny Friday ?

Honey doesn't think it is funny but at the same time, she really likes to sit on the scale while I wash my face and brush my teeth at night and in the morning.
Maybe she thinks I need help ? or maybe she thinks Humans are Just Too Weird.
Or she wants a taste of that stuff I put in my mouth on a brush .. hmmm.

Minette shows no interest but she is a flighty little girl.
Honey is serious.

Especially right now, as I type, I look over at her, lying on her back on the toy box with a blanket for her comfort ... belly up... very tempting ... I won't disturb her though .. it is stormy and she is slightly freaked out by thunder.

Merlin sleeps through it.

Minette stays close to me.

I must be a good example to my cats.
No getting freaked out about the storms here.
Stop getting lost every time I go for a drive.

Listen to my daughter and ...... RELAX.

Wishing you a Relaxed Friday ..


  1. Bless you & your lovely Kitties. Honey looks adorable!

  2. Thank you Dormouse, she is just so very very sweet..

  3. Honey is just the most sweet looking girl and, like some of us, knows we have to watch the numbers on that darned scale! Perhaps she has the right idea though, sit on the scale backward so you can't see the numbers! Liking my scale these days, says I've lost 6 lbs since my surgery on June 15 - just have no appetite. Wish I could hug her.

    We're having storms here too - I get nervous because of all the trees around the house.
    Mary x

  4. Thank you Mary :)
    sShe really is a super sweet girl, she is very young, her size makes me forget sometimes .. She has bonded to me very nicely .. wherever I am , she will be. Right now she is sleeping on her "bed" next to my chair.
    She only has to sleep alone at night because she picks fights :)
    We are working on that.


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