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Friday, July 1, 2016

Bill Cunningham

Upon my arrival in New York City in 1971, I went shopping for a coat with my soon to be husband.
He took me, where else ?, to Bloomingdales. Just a few blocks from our apartment and the best place in those days to shop, well, Saks and Henri Bendels weren't bad either !

I found a great coat right away, rust colored suede with fur trim on the hood and cuffs.
This little California girl fell in love with that winter coat for girls in New York City. It made me one of them ... he also loved it.

And apparently so did Mr Bill Cunningham .. who was coming in the door as I was leaving and he asked if he could take my photo. I had no idea who he was but my husband said yes .. he knew who he was  !

So there I was, that year, in the NYTimes fashion section, with other photos of other girls and boys in their new winter coats.
He was one of my earliest NYC memories and quite a sweet one too.
And on a personal note, I never saw him again, I would have loved to.
He had twinkly eyes and a big grin and a gentle manner ..

Rest in Peace Mr Cunningham.


  1. Oh my! I am impressed! I loved Bill Cunningham. I read his column religiously for almost 3 decades. He never took my photo, alas. He really had his finger on the pulse of NYC.

  2. What a fabulous experience! Thanks so much for sharing. Do you still have the coat?

    1. LOL, it would be a 40 plus year old coat!
      No I don't still have it but I have the memories.


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