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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Heavy downpours, frequent lightening strikes, stay out of low lying areas, don't stand outside with a metal rod in your hand, get the cats in the house BEFORE they get wet, they will not forgive you for hours if they get wet. IF they got wet, or even one of them did, the rest will ignore you and give you the cold shoulder, just because.

IF you feel like crumbling and giving in and begging for forgiveness, open a fresh can of cat food, the wet and smelly kind.
Cats have short memories when it comes to getting their feet wet ..

I went to the supermarket.
I got to admire a truly beautiful child and even got to take a photo for the mom, of her holding the baby with the moms very best friend in the world, who drove here (Florida) from Virginia to visit.
It was so sweet, they were taking photos of each other so I offered to take one of them all together.
I should have asked for a copy .. it was so sweet and loving .

Friends in Argentina are writing and telling me how things are  ... so far, nothing is bad enough to discourage me from making plans to visit.
As long as there will be someone living in my apt here with the cats, someone I trust in her cat wisdom and love .. I am going to Buenos Aires as soon as possible.

Wouldn't it be nice if I were to begin blogging again ... about Buenos Aires ... from Buenos Aires ?

All daydreams now .. I have a lease for a year. That forces me to be sensible.

Now for some photos .. rainy days and cats won't keep your interest for long !

In the park we went to every day ... in Buenos Aires
I love the street lamps. Many had birds nests in them.
The shady street .

Sunshine, warm weather, sunshine and good music, sunshine and nice people
is my forecast for Buenos Aires ... every day.

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  1. Strangely I have one cat who stands outside in the pouring rain, and won't come inside until she's soaked.
    My Oliver cat runs inside at the sound of rain.
    Buenos Areas sounds like a beautiful, historic country. I hope you can return for a visit and say hello to your friends before very much longer.


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