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Saturday, July 2, 2016

I Don't Get It

I don' get "Taxidermy" ... whether you are a great hunter and love killing things or not.
Who wants to live with Dead Things ?
Are all the beloved dogs and cats of the family lined up in the halls ? moldering away ?
Is Uncle George stuffed and standing in one of the drawing rooms ..
What is the point ?

Anyone who has seen a dead thing versus when it was alive, knows that when it is dead, something is gone and stuffing the shell won't put it back. It just makes it grotesque.

And to proudly display a deer or rhino or bird in your family home to show people how you killed a creature for no reason at all .... I think the wrong head is on the wall, the deer and rhinos and birds should be standing around the drawing room, laughing at how much better the hunter looked dead than alive.

Now tell me, how happy would it make you to see a stuffed dead peacock in the house ?


  1. No, thanks. No stuffed animals in my house.

  2. I've always thought taxidermy was weird and downright creepy. What mentally healthy human wants dead bodies decorating their home? Ugh.

  3. Jennifer .... Exactly !! kind of a Norman Bates type person :)


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