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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday in the neighborhood

A typical Sunday afternoon in Buenos Aires... we would take our time over coffee and medialunas, talk about what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go, and get ready and walk out the door.
In the beginning, it always began with the 2 block walk to the park where Tate would have his fresh air, run around and be silly and meet up with his other friends.
Later, we would just hang around and have coffee and decide what to do ... often walking from our neighborhood , Recoleta, to Palermo where we would have Sunday lunch at the Evita Museum.
Out in the walled garden .. listening to wonderful music that they played throughout the house/museum and garden.
The food was excellent and the atmosphere was wonderful.
The walk to the Museum and back home was through streets that had buildings like this one, small ones, big ones, fabulous architecture wherever you look.
One of the biggest things I miss is that walking .. from here to there ... rarely looking in windows of shops, mostly looking at the buildings .. the parks and just feeling that satisfied , contented feeling of Being There.
Life sure changed for us.
I am in a place that cannot be more different from where I was just those few years ago.
I was so happy .. muy contenta.
I am fine here, enjoying living here ... happy to know my flight to BA will be shorter than the flight from NYC ..
At the present, I am involved in house hunting here with my daughter.
She is the one looking for a home. I am stuck in this lease for a year.
It is fun looking with someone else .. without the worries of choosing .. just "window" shopping .

Happy Sunday ...


  1. But I am looking forward. I am house hunting with my daughter as I wrote here and I am planning my visit back to Buenos Aires. But reminiscing about living in Argentina is sort of what this blog is about .. not house hunting in Florida LOL

  2. "reminiscing about living in Argentina is sort of what this blog is about ..."

    Understood. The mix of old and new sort of confused me. Best wishes.


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