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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


On an ordinary day, we would walk past or into buildings like this every day in Buenos Aires.
 We had friends who lived in one, we enjoyed visiting them .. going up the cage elevator that was only slightly less wobbly than the one in our building ... or walking up the fabulous white marble staircase that went up and around ..

It was very easy at times to imagine we were in Paris .. with Art Nouveau touches everywhere, statues and gardens .. Those hints that all those people who were part of the founding of the city, were there .
The huge statue in the park, O'Higgins on his horse, fighting and winning battles for Independence.

The parks were very French with the plantings and trees in long orderly rows.
The statues Everywhere ! famous men, famous horses, fountains .. lovely.

When I look at the photos, in my memories I can hear the traffic noise , the people all around, the dogs in the parks having such fun .. sitting on a bench and people watching, going down the street to a fabulous Art Museum .. or a few blocks farther away to a fabulous Home that is now a Museum but was a Home at one time ... the art, the furniture are still there, waiting, as if the family will return soon..

I even miss that crazy ride by taxi to Chinatown on Sundays where we would have lunch and shop for spices in the markets.

Ordinary every day things like going to a market with my husband, taking a walk in the park with our dog, buying coffee at the shop that made it just the way we liked it ... going to a pharmacy  !  all ordinary every day occurrences but made out of the ordinary because of where we were ..

I miss that ordinary place, those ordinary things we did .. that ordinary life ..


  1. Yes dear, it's the 'ordinary things' we enjoy that make life good - after all the mess of the world is not something which brings happiness, it's the little day to day things which do that!

    I know BA is a very exhilarating city from the small part I viewed - like you I did get that same feeling of history, Paris, and open spaces. Just hope some women have been remembered by a few statues scattered around the parks too!!!

    Hope you really plan that visit soon.
    Mary x

  2. Dearest Candice,
    Love that Art Nouveau architecture and I can imagine how beautiful those buildings were.
    Sending you hugs for a beautiful weekend.


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