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Thursday, June 23, 2016


No, sadly, my blog has not gone viral. The world is not knocking down the doors to meet such an amazing blogger.
The cats might try to knock down the door when I don't feed them on time .. to the second .. but no one cares about my blogging.

Oh .. wait a minute, someone does care.
The lovely person who stayed on the phone with me for what seemed like hours and it really was only ... hours.
The man who walked me through the long process of getting the virus out.

My Mac started shouting at me earlier today ... VIRUS !!! VIRUS !!! then fainted.

Using the cell phone, I was able to contact the online Apple people who fix things like this ..

Apple Support is a Wonderful Thing.

And TECHVAULT INC is wonderful too.
He sat on the phone with me for a very very long time. He worked and fixed and worked and comforted and encouraged and fixed my computer.

It is no longer suffering from a virus. It is well again.
I will suffer from fear of it happening again, fear of being cut off from the world and everyone I know in it , by a virus.

I might not need it or want it someday and that is OK too.
I took it for X amount of months but I am not locked in to a  contract ..

So watch out for Malware ... it can really screw up your day/computer/time in so many ways.


  1. Virus are scary. I don’t have an Apple, I wish I did. My daughter usually helps me, but she is so busy now that she has very little time. I read your last post. It is true that the buildings in Buenos Aires have a similar architecture as those in Paris. I bought 2 guide books on Argentina about 4 years ago, made plans to go for a visit, but then we did not, we went to Ukraine and Croatia, I think, so we could also stop in Paris. Now I regret it because with my husband’s illness it is out of the question. My mother loved Argentina, from afar. She had a fiancĂ© once who immigrated to Argentina and that is when she broke up with him as she did not want to leave Paris. But she loved dancing to the tango and even saw Cardos Gardel several times. She taught me to dance when I was 3 as she could not dance with my father because of his war injury. Maybe someday I’ll be able to go there alone, maybe.

  2. Malware fear - I feel your pain.
    A month or so ago someone started hacking into my email, which sent me white-knuckled to our fix-it guys. After a stern lecture about better passwords, and some intervention on their part, my computer and I are all better. However, before that all I could see was my blog disappearing before my eyes and my 2 1/2 books going up into the ether.

  3. Isn't a virus on a Mac unusual? Knock in wood I've never had a virus problem in all the years since I changed to all Apple products - hopefully my luck will continue!

    I'm hoping to treat myself to a new MacBook Air soon - mine is now over 4 years old and I need one with more storage and longer battery power. I still love this one though, works like a dream but, like me, is aging, haha! I will pass it along to Bob who just has a big desktop Mac.

    Apple Support is always excellent - something we never experienced when we had many problems with PC's in the old days. We always seemed to have useless people come to the house, paid them exorbitant amounts of money, and they usually left us with even more problems and made us feel like idiots!!!

    Mary x

  4. My computer froze. I could not do anything. I unplugged it. Called for help.
    On the phone for at least 2 hours, I was talked through the whole process and a bit of money later, I have protection and my computer .. and will be so very careful from now on.

  5. Yes Mary it is unusual. The thing is, I downloaded it and the computer immediately told me it was Malware.
    But the computer froze. Either to stop the program or what, I just know that the people on the phone talked me through the entire thing .. I just did what they told me and it worked.
    I now have better/more security and I am very cautious.
    I am also so so lucky, I did not get my files wiped clean or something and lose my photos ..
    I will be so much more careful now.
    No one needs to send me anything in emails anymore, I won't open them ! lol

  6. I am finding my photos, finally, hundreds of them so it will be a drawn out chore getting them back where I can use them easily. oy. But at least they were not lost.

  7. I feel your pain as well, dearest Candice, and am so happy you got everything restored !

    We believed the Apple myth, once-upon-a-time....
    Somehow we morphed to multiple gizmos and gadgets from "both".
    Lovingly tended to by our beloved neighbor George, the all things computer boy wonder wiz
    who has "office hours" starting around 8PM....
    (and George and his relationship with our PC is a blog in itself..)

    I tell you, it's a combination of fear & simple idiocy that compels us to have
    all these back ups for our back ups - (just saying that is frightening )

    I try not to think about who/what is keeping things organized in "the Cloud"-makes me
    want to go scavenging for more shoe boxes to have a physical home for precious photos-
    do they make fire/earthquake rated shoe boxes ?

    Ah well, questions for another day...

    Love you. Nan


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