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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, June 4, 2016

On a hot sunny humid Saturday

What else is there to do but go shopping ?
But where ? That makes all the difference in the world. There are fabulous huge malls all around.
(Waiting for me)
There are nice little neighborhoods with boutiques and shops and markets, not to mention Farmers Markets and Sunday Flea Markets.

So today, my daughter and I , and her friend , the ever up for mischief ... we will just call her H ...
hopped into the car and headed off to the Naval Air Base where the shopping is good. We had a person with a pass that meant that she could bring guests with her to shop .

It was like an industrial warehouse with aisles and everything you can imagine ... sort of a raw Bloomingdales with no sales girls, but nice purses, perfume and make up counters and clothes for every occasion in every size and color.
And of course, shoes.

I enjoyed it all.
I did not buy anything.
Weird, huh?

We came home and I was famished so the cats and I had an early dinner and I paid a couple of bills.
Which is not as fun as it could have been .. I couldn't find the check book .. I don't know why, it was where it always is ... the cats are playing tricks on me.
I was hungry but there is nothing in the house to eat so I had an odd mix of this and that because there is no way I am getting dressed, driving to a store and buying anything tonight.
I am done.
So the cats and I are in for the night, we are going to sit out in the lanai and listen to the sounds from the woods, feel the evening breezes and daydream about the future.

It was a lovely day .... oh did I mention stopping at Pet Smart so my daughter could buy cat food and there were these 2 sweet sweet sweet cats for adoption ?

I love driving by the horse farms nearby.
I love seeing Navy jets go over .. I love seeing raccoons rob the bird feeders ... I love not dreading snow ... I love hearing from my friends in Buenos Aires, in Florida on the West Coast and I love not hearing from people who were only a negative in my life.  .

What goes around comes around is a great saying ...


  1. I remember well the Navy Exchange in Jacksonville. I loved driving around the parking lot on the Navel Base playing "the license plate game". License plates from every state.
    XO from a friend in Naples - Florida , not Italy :)

  2. anymore cats and you'll never get back to Buenos Aires.


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