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Friday, June 3, 2016

I (Don't) Miss New York

Oh .... My .... Aching ....Back !
I think I am strong ( I am actually) and I think I don't need help with lifting and moving heavy objects but apparently I did and I should have and now I am paying for it with very sore back muscles.
Or it is because I keep picking up Honey and carrying her around, kissing and loving her so she is at home and comfy with us.
Or it is because I keep moving furniture ... who knows .. the good news is, one of my sofas is super long and the cats and I can all lie on it and watch television without straining our backs.

As can be expected from living in Florida, the weather is delightful.
Nights are cool, clear and comfortable. I wake up cold in the early hours of the morning, looking for the blanket. . with cats huddled next to me for warmth ... no wonder I was dreaming I was tied down in a warm place !

Honey is just that ... a honey, a sweet , calm, loving cat ... she is just a little girl in a very large cat suit.
She has contributed to  the backache .. she is very heavy.

I pick up Minette after Honey and it is like picking up a feather ! She is still very irritated with me for bringing Honey home.

Merlin may have realized there is a new cat in the house. So far it seems that he could care less.
He just wants to be sure I am there when he needs food, snuggles, food or a spot next to me on the bed.
He loves to eat and he weighs nothing. typical guy ... girls eat a lettuce leaf and gain weight, guys eat everything in sight and stay slim.

The condo is looking good. Thankfully the rooms all had curtain rods and or shades so I only hung my pretty drapes up and in this room just a Toile valance and it looks like Home.
Everyone has their room, everyone has their own bed ... which means nothing really, everyone sleeps in my bed ...
After breakfast is nap time, Minette and Merlin are out in the sunroom, on top of boxes, sleeping in the warm sun.
Honey is in here, beside me, on "her box" ... an old wooden toy box .. she is now taking her bath and will nap. A cats life is not bad if you are in the right home.

I will be very easy on myself today , my back muscles are very unhappy.
I will perhaps sit outside in the sunroom and read .. or go to a nursery and look at plants.
Or the market and buy more cinnamon rolls.
Why can I not live on cinnamon rolls ? no one has given me a good enough answer.

Looking out the window, here in this room, my view is a pine tree forest.
And sitting in the top of one of those trees is a large Hawk.
And there is a mall a couple of miles away.
I like this location.

Funny, I don't miss New York yet.


  1. It sounds delightful (except for the bad back which is not so good!) I give you full permission to live off cinnamon rolls - but don't blame me if you end up looking like one! The cats sound as thpough they are looking after you - they can be a great blessing (but when they are scratching the bed at 5 o'clock in the morning, mayube not so much! Bib has taken to nibbling my ear to wake me up. It isn't appreciated.)

  2. I am having company for lunch, the best kind, the sort that brings lunch with them !
    And then I am going cinnamon roll shopping.
    The cats do look after me. Except for Merlin who has bad eyesight, he enjoys just lying on me, so I guess in his way, he is watching out for me.
    Nibbled ears in the morning are usually only appreciated when it is ones lover/husband .. not the cat.

  3. By The Way, I have ii from a good resource you can live on cinnamon rolls , deviled eggs , and chocolate :)
    So Happy You Are Happy In Sunny Florids!!

  4. Wu ... I do .. I really do :)
    Thank you.

  5. Dearest Candice.
    Well, you might have over done for your back and it is talking back to you for making you slow down for a while!
    Some sun rays would help it a lot; if you can do that...
    Enjoy your 3 fur babies, they will come along, no doubt.
    Sending you hugs,

  6. The furbabies have been very helpful today with keeping my back rested.
    They have been teaching me how to rest and nap like a cat . :)


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