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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Good Riddance

Ever just wake up sad ?
I did. No particular reason.
Cats slept peacefully and left the room quietly .. only one spat to settle .. quietly.
I was perhaps a bit too air conditioned, it felt good to step out into the lanai with a cup of hot coffee in my nightgown ( I love being able to do that ) and watch the cats, listen to the birds and sounds from the woods and just to be here.
But I woke up sad.

No matter how nice the place, the people, the days , there is always something / someone missing.
That person that you comment to .. that you can ask any question and pretty much know they have the answer ... that person who gives great advice .. that person who will tell you he always knew that person was false and to be avoided.

As old as I am ... I am still fooled by people pretending to be something they are not.
Pretending to be something I thought they were ... pretending not to be as smug, toxic and hate filled as they are.

I refuse to be a hermit . But every time I learn a lesson from toxic people, I think that hermits might have the right idea.
But then I remember those friends I have had for years and years .. who are always there for me .. who never say hurtful things, who might have doubts or worries about my decisions but they are supportive and loving.

Why anyone would waste their own time, not to mention everyone else's .. by pretending to be a friend then finally showing their true colors, is beyond me.
They are, happily, not my kind of person. Not something I would do.
Not something a real friend of mine would do.

As my husband said ... Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish.


  1. I'm sorry sadness has decided to creep under the door. It sounds, though, that you do know how to be your own cheering squad, so hopefully the drearies will slouch away again.

  2. Thank you Marty .. I was sad but also regret the amount of time I spent thinking this woman who is old enough to know better and this man who obviously has no life, were friends and I shared my thoughts and time with. Time that was wasted on them, I see now.
    Oh well, a lesson learned. I am not going to be so fast to trust people now. and I am appreciating the real friends so much more !
    besitos, Marty !

  3. Speaking of friends ... an old friend from NY is coming through Fl and wants to have lunch. What a treat.
    And a surprise which is always fun. True friends are priceless.

  4. Take solace in knowing you were a true friend, unconditionally and sincere.
    It is their loss.


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